Stroke Play Highlights (Round 1) | 2023 Presidents Cup

Enjoy stroke play highlights from the 11th edition of the Presidents Cup!
From The Beast at Nokia DiscGolfPark in Nokia, Finland.

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Please keep in mind these are condensed highlights from the live broadcast and not meant to be full shot-by-shot coverage of any particular group. For shot-by-shot coverage, head to our partners at Jomez Productions and MDG Media.

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14 Replies to “Stroke Play Highlights (Round 1) | 2023 Presidents Cup”

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  2. J.A. Smith says:

    Team USA's uniforms like like Ryder Cup hand-me-downs.

  3. Matt May says:

    This event needs to be moved or eliminated. Why mess with practice round time before a major?

  4. Hodl Sage says:

    Can we go back to the days of just calling it "the circle" ! Calling it the bullseye just makes it sound silly. And circle 2 or 3 ? What is going on. It just made sense to have 1 circle, so you knew where you could jump/fall from.

  5. Vatsuggggg says:

    I like the concept!

  6. Lets go Europe let's show to the Americans that we have the best players in the world !!! 🚀

  7. Gagan Singh says:

    is anyone going to talk about rickys swagger haha

  8. Marty Modus says:

    Well, guess my next car will be a Ford. Gotta love a big corporate sponsor!

  9. Kevin Mac says:

    I’m confused is this part of the European Open

  10. brodiesucks says:

    Eagle shanked putts because he hates Paul

  11. brodiesucks says:


  12. DG says:

    more publicity for this tournament

  13. AmbiEncE says:

    Robinson crushing

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