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11 Replies to “MORE BUMP! MORE BUMP!”

  1. Brad Yohler says:

    Lol. If you have to think about doing all that your screwed.

  2. R WJ says:

    Cant get better at golf? Bc you’re thinking of where your femur bone is during your swing. Geez

  3. liljboy216 says:

    You're the best, the golf swing feels easy when you've got the right bump!

  4. Would the Down under board be a similar feel?

  5. G B says:

    This works very well if you do it properly. Makes the swing easier

  6. Manny S says:

    After watching a lot of your "bump" videos, in the past, I was still upable to get the correct feel. It finally clicked today as soon as you said to bump your right knee "in" and use it as a brace. Doing so naturally put my left leg over my left foot. Thank you!

  7. TheMusketeer says:

    What is this technique for? Evry golfer, or does it fix something for some players? Or is this what every golfer should do? I feel i csn not rotate the hip im the backswing doing this.

  8. Jake Allen says:

    Is this to preset and weight shift?

  9. Liam Flatley says:

    The way you teach is good man this helped me a lot

  10. Gruvemuppet says:

    Hahaha, I was just talking about more cowbell to one of my staff…😅

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