Can We Break 40 For The First Time?

Join the thrilling golfing adventure as the Absolute Bandits, featuring the dynamic duo of Oakelfish and CapgunTom, embark on an exhilarating challenge to break 40 holes of golf at the prestigious Shendish Manor! In this adrenaline-pumping YouTube video, these two mid-handicap golfers push their skills and determination to the limit as they navigate through the picturesque fairways and tricky greens of the renowned golf course. Get ready to witness captivating shots, unpredictable turns, and the intense camaraderie of these talented golfers as they strive to conquer the course and etch their names in golfing history!

Set against the stunning backdrop of Shendish Manor’s lush greens and scenic beauty, this highly entertaining video captures the excitement and challenges that Oakelfish and CapgunTom encounter on their daring journey. With their unique playing styles and wit, the Absolute Bandits add a humorous touch to the game, keeping viewers engaged from the very first swing to the final putt. As they tackle various obstacles, including water hazards, sand traps, and narrow fairways, you’ll witness the grit and determination required to push through tough spots, making this video an inspirational and motivational experience for golf enthusiasts and novices alike.

Incorporating a strategic approach and showcasing their love for the sport, Oakelfish and CapgunTom engage in friendly banter, adding a delightful charm to the video that sets it apart from conventional golfing challenges. As they reach the pivotal moments of their golfing expedition, viewers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating whether the Absolute Bandits will achieve their goal of breaking 40 holes. This captivating narrative ensures that the video remains engaging, keeping viewers glued to their screens throughout the thrilling journey.

So, don’t miss out on this action-packed golfing extravaganza! Whether you’re an avid golfer seeking inspiration or simply looking for some entertainment, the Absolute Bandits’ epic challenge at Shendish Manor promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. Get ready to witness incredible shots, good-natured humor, and a true test of skill as Oakelfish and CapgunTom battle the course, determined to conquer all 40 holes. Subscribe to their channel, hit that notification bell, and be sure to cheer on the Absolute Bandits as they take on this monumental golfing challenge! Will they emerge victorious, or will they fall short? Find out in this must-watch YouTube video!


23 Replies to “Can We Break 40 For The First Time?”

  1. Utb says:

    Tom, try and start your backswing on a straight line back in line with the ball and then come on the inside. So when u start on the inside you can only come over the top or flick your wrists to get the club face straight. I was the same when I started now after nearly 4 years I’m off 2

  2. Bro tom change the swing technique, it’s dead asf and it doesn’t work

  3. SammyG Golf says:

    keep smashing it fellas 👏

  4. Snqsh says:

    you guys are the only golf channel I watch except good good and you’re killing it, maybe not at the same level yet with the scores but you guys are at least on par with the entertainment!!👍👍

  5. Lennon Watts says:

    another banger of a video even with the conditions well in lads, just an idea but instead of the golf ball transition could you do a transition of the score card? that way we get to see what sort of holes you've got coming up as well as the shots left? just an idea love the content lads

  6. jwint456 says:

    Glad to see you guys are human. I am no where near the level. i focus on hitting good shots and don't keep score on purpose because it just makes me angry. last couple of rounds though I wish I did because I kept hitting good shots despite my driver slice off the tee and it only going 200 yds. honestly glad to see you suffer the same struggles I do, although opposite. Keep Killin It.

  7. Harry Brophy says:

    Really loving the videos lads ! Any advice for new starters ??

  8. Tex Athens says:

    Watched you guys in fifa years ago, found this channel recently and loving it

  9. Haha good effort lads, definitely keep this going

  10. Jimmy Light says:

    Love the videos should try get seb on to play a round

  11. Eldizzle says:

    The bandits are absolutely goated on the sticks 🐐🏌🏽

  12. Brian Murray says:

    No snack watch no breaking 39. You know the rules boys😂

  13. L says:

    I’m not a pro or anything, but I read something about hitting it slightly past the pin if it’s in the front and hitting it slightly short if it’s in the back. That way you have green to work with. (As opposed to hitting it short of a green when the hole is in front and past the pin when it’s in back. In my experience, a longer 2 putt is easier than getting up and down because I might mess up a chip)

  14. Ego_Man_94 says:

    I first found out about you guys when seeing a video of you playing with w2s, calfreezy and them, having never watched a golf video I decided to watch it and I loved it. This was a few weeks back and since then I have watched everyone of the Absolute Bandits videos. Love it!

  15. Graham C says:

    Just back from the driving range and see the lads have uploaded amazing scenes

  16. kf 97 says:

    We go again boys

  17. Chris Nicol says:

    Great video guys. I have just started learning and been to my local driving range a couple times and they use the trackman app,would you recommend this or is there another I should use? Thanks.

  18. They should leave a marker where the flag is

  19. Dylan says:

    I broke 40 for the first time a week ago. On a par 36

  20. ChatGPT description? no idea what "breaking 40 holes of golf is"

  21. Kaileahy says:

    What’s your main course you play or have a membership at

  22. Declan Whyte says:

    Hopefully you do break 40 (posting this before watching) I got my best score yesterday, the course I play isn’t super long and is a par 62 and I shot 72, super proud

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