More PGA Tour drama! Today’s flavor: golf ball rollback.

7 Replies to “More PGA Tour drama! Today’s flavor: golf ball rollback.”

  1. RFC Bass says:

    "Less far"

    You mean shorter?

  2. darth bog says:

    they should remove muscle mass in the long hitters and add it to the shorter hitter. only fair way to do it. same with height

  3. Dan- legit question. Who says the manufacturers HAVE to make a conforming golf ball? With the value they get from sponsoring fore play, good good, etc… why not tell USGA if they want a new ball, then they can manufacture themselves for the .0000001% of the golf market that will use them?

  4. Kevin 14 says:

    In salivating over the juicy nugget you missed the real nugget it buried. Colin Neville 😂 done its job as per usual

  5. Andrew C says:

    Even if they did enforce the rule where is the cutoff at? Korn ferry tour? Some mini tours? College golf? At what level would they impose it. It’s a weird invisible fence they want to put on the game to impact the top .0001% of players. An absolute garbage proposal

  6. Txgolfer says:

    Harman just won the Open and is ranked 144th on driving distance…. Stop messing with the equipment!

  7. Txgolfer says:

    Health scare! Lmfao!

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