Coming in as the most expensive 3 Wood on the market. Today Ian checks out PING’s G430 LST which is designed to be high-launch, low-spin and long-distance bomber fairway wood.

But is the money is really worth the extra distance?






Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada



  1. Joe Lane says:

    How come Ping never makes a LST 5 wood?

  2. golf007sd2 says:

    For the price….the Callaway, TM, Cobra, and Titliest is FAR more appealing.

  3. Great video gents! Very small feedback. When you show the ball data charts, the blue/purple color is very difficult to see. Just food for thought on future videos. Thanks for all you do! This is my #1 channel on YT

  4. Skylar Steel says:

    I sincerely believe companies throw these price tags out there to see if they can get people to bite. Creep up price and if people go for it…. Then up the price on everything.

  5. James Ford says:

    Do we think that a different shaft would manipulate the flight differently in the two heads again? Does the TR perform better in the LST and would a slightly different profile of shaft behave differently in the max?

  6. Paul Askey says:

    Unless your life or career depended on it (pro golfer) $1500 for one club is an obscene joke.

  7. Brady8812 says:

    Would love to see both Ian and Mikey test the LST against their gamer 3 Woods since they're both the low spin titanium Taylormades. That would be really interesting.

  8. C L says:

    I think Ping put themselves in a really tough spot by releasing this so late. Most players willing to spend that much money are top level amateurs or mini tour pro’s, most of whom have completed their bag for the season months ago.

  9. Shane F says:

    I’d love a test against stealth2 and others like paradym

  10. Jason Velez says:

    No thanks… still rolling with the TSR 3W all day long. 👎👎👎

  11. Jay Plautz says:

    I wonder how it compares to the G425 LST. Would it be worth the extra money?

  12. JH says:

    Borderline offensive price point. $1000 taxes in for a stock 3W is so dumb

  13. Those first few with the LST, if I hit any one of those as my 2nd shot on a par 5, I'd probably tear up a little 🥹 Great ball-striking Mr. Fraser!

  14. What happened to Mattie

  15. J B says:

    I was just custom fit for the G430 LST. I felt the same way as Ian…Just make it the best it can be. Price should not be (too) much of an issue if you are getting a 'High End fitting.' I have a full bag of Ping this year. i230 irons, G430 Hybrids, G430 woods.

  16. Even if I was fit into this, I wouldn't buy it. I'm not supporting gouging of the consumer. As far as I'm concerned Ping can exit stage left.

  17. Love to see it against triple diamond and stealth 2 plus to see is it worth the cash compared to the others in performance

  18. Scott Dawes says:

    I replaced my SIM Ti after many years with the 430 Max. Love the flight and consistently predictable spin across the face. Keep the LST for that price, I'd rather go on holidays.

  19. Tim Buma says:

    I have a ts3 15 with a ventus red 7x and that club will stay in my bag until it breaks!

  20. Kyle H says:

    Meh, if you're willing to pay $450 USD for a Stealth 2 Plus, you'd probably pay $550 if it was better for you.

  21. RazoRock says:

    Ping starting to turn me off with pricing. They are really giving it to people sans Vaseline

  22. OLDGOLD says:

    Ian, i have not seen Bandit lurking on here for a while…?

  23. chbowler11 says:

    Second round with mine today. I absolutely love it. Worth the money to me

  24. Sean Peacock says:

    Been away for a bit. Is Mattie Boy gone again?

  25. Why would you pure a graphite shaft? That is pretty redundant…

  26. Kyle H says:

    I gotta say, I just bought this, and I absolutely LOVE this thing. Something about it just fits my eye better than other brands. And the performance, for me, is better than any other fairway wood I've tried. I'm happy with the purchase. They say the most expensive thing is paying for something and not getting the outcome you paid for. Well, I got my desired outcome with this. Worth it.

  27. Love to see the Lst vs og Sim.

  28. Kyle says:

    Test the new snell ball

  29. ItsCrisp says:

    I'll stick with my cheap second-hand G425 heads in my custom fitted shafts.

  30. jack west says:

    I,m sticking with my TSR 2, -3 wood.16.5…with GD IZ 5 . R1 very happy .2g +sure fit.. goes unreal.. cost me 400£

  31. Dave Fogel says:

    If i'm looking for that LST, I'm buying a SIM 2 TI.

  32. FordF says:

    Not new news and we all know that manufacturers will price as close as they can to the tipping point as they think they can get away with. Worryingly, if it sells then expect it to become the norm.

  33. I hooked it my max until I lofted it down to 14 and put it in flat setting. Hit it further and straighter. Not sure why you would need the LST.

  34. Black Heart says:

    Another total rip-off, golf club.

  35. Another great detailed video, would be cool to see if you could tweak the max to improve it, lower / higher loft (to improve dispersion/ confidence)

  36. Brent says:

    Would like to see a mid-hanicapper hit this vs a lower priced option, like a Tour Edge.

  37. Thinch says:

    I’d love to see Mikey in a fit LST vs his gamer 💪🏻

  38. condensedmic says:

    While I love Ping products, everybody should absolutely not buy this 3-wood at this insanely marked-up price. If this sells even remotely well, you're telling every club manufacturer that this type of pricing is ok with you, the golfer. And, I have 3 Ping clubs in my bag (425, 425, Putter).

  39. John Brodnik says:

    I’m not sure what anyone is expecting other than a few yards now.

  40. Michael M says:

    Mikey makes great point about longevity of 3-woods. My TSi3 3-wood is 2+ years old, I typically keep 3 wood at least 6 years and at present have no plans to change 3-woods. I typically replace drivers every 3 years, twice as often.

    Not sure that enough to justify a 1600 CAD 3-wood but like his client said, if the club delivers the desired results better than any alternative, price is not really a priority consideration…at least to a point.

  41. starwf07 says:

    For equipment that delivers small gains for high price points, I look at it like expensive prime telephoto lenses ($5k, $10k, $15k, etc.) or for expensive musical instruments. It's for (a) hobbyists/amateurs that have plenty of disposable income and don't have a problem dropping big money on their hobbies, or (b) people that are making their money with the equipment in question. If you're a competitive golfer, and are earning your living off of how you score, it's easy to justify the added expense if it means gaining even a small advantage over your opponents. Other than that, it's basically a "treat yo self" purchase.

  42. Love you guys! MM FTW please don’t leave us 😢

  43. Tested the LST 3 wood yesterday with the stock ping 2.0 black shaft. The feel was very stout compared to my current gamer which is a mavrik sub zero with ventus black 7x. I used Toptracer to compare numbers and my gamer was more consistent and longer than LST. I didn’t like the feel of the stock shaft in the LST but for that price, I would be hesitant in pulling the trigger.

  44. Have a sim titanium in the garage if you want to hit it again…

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