MSNBC Is Calling People 'Far Right' for THIS?

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29 Replies to “MSNBC Is Calling People 'Far Right' for THIS?”

  1. Parshu Ram says:

    Notice how everything which is good for the individual is far right and everything which is good for the Government/the business houses is far left

  2. I guess Pelaton better close down their business !!!

  3. Leavnok says:

    I can't believe the far right would promote being healthy. Fkkking fascists I tell you.

  4. What a load of bullshit😂😂😂… my Sons are fit and train daily as I do… what does it have to do with politics????

  5. Brandon says:

    So if you're healthy that equals far right behavior? Make it make sense.

  6. RushiesBoots says:

    They have absolutely no idea what 'far right' actually is.
    Clowns 🤡🤡🤡🤡.

  7. John weak says:

    So basically Ukrainian soldier chat groups?

  8. Being fat is "beautiful" while working out and getting fit and healthy is fascist….wtf timeline are we in?

  9. So being a fatass is far left. Got it.

  10. Felix says:

    God i love being everything the left hates. Im in great shape, i love my country, i value my freedom and i don't need the government to tell me how to live my life because im capable of independent thoughts.

  11. It doesn't matter what these blue haired, obese, screaming banshees think, I will ALWAYS exercise.

  12. hidel308 says:

    From now on, every time you see white supremacy, think black inferiority. Because that’s what the democrats want you to think. That’s what they’re really saying. They don’t respect the black community, they’re done with them. That’s why the border is wide open.

  13. HIKO says:

    We went from Nazi groups to sending Ben Shapiro’s vids. I mean both parties aren’t that big fan of each

  14. Chris nope says:

    What the fuck?!?
    Where are those Peleton Interent E-bikes being sold? NYC and LA or middle of Montana and Kentucky?

  15. I apologize! I should’ve listened to just say no to drugs. 🍳

  16. Scott Puraga says:

    Pushups are fatphobic

  17. jamey kaough says:

    Fascist fitness yeah we call them the FF like the SS of old.

  18. Ngl I think ik who's side is stronger

  19. Fred Stack says:

    Body positivity… An excuse for being a slug …

  20. LOL the right and their damn abs, those mother fkers hahaha

  21. InTheRedCold says:

    They want men fat and useless so they can't fight back. And the time is coming.

  22. Certa Mentis says:

    Yeah it sucks. Too many skinheads in the gym not enough meatheads. Maybe if you stopped making far right propaganda on YouTube there would be less of a need for articles like this to come out.
    Edit: just fixed some grammar.

  23. They got it backwards. Of the people wanting a fit body, is mostly men. Men need to have a strong body to feel emotions. Women need to be strong emotionally to feel physically strong…

    The reason they equate fitness with the right, is because we're all being pushed there, by radical feminists and woke loons… Mostly men that is being pushed that way… Women tend to embrace this narrative…

  24. Jack Culp says:

    When did taking care of your health become far right wing extremism? Well, you need to pass a law making the whole health care industry illegal. All doctors and nurses should be arrested by the FBI. Shame on anyone who would listen to the WHO or the CDC. Tell Dr. Fouchi that he can no longer recommend vaccines. The Far Left has lost their frigggin minds.

  25. Captain Kate says:

    I can you right now I'm fatphobic. I'm scared of my fat so much that I want it gone. It isn't positive… it's toxic. Now, if a woman is very tall and curvy but at a healthy weight for her stature, I'm all for that because she fits her body shape. 5'2 400lbs isn't helping any of us.

  26. Lisa Cimarik says:

    I don't understand why so-called news outlets report on things and twist them to create division!? We're divided enough, now staying healthy is being used as another issue. It's pitiful that our mmm has sank so low. 😢

  27. bastiat says:

    the hutts have invaded gentlemen we all knew this was coming i hope you are prepared.

  28. The Left: Fitness is Far-Right, extremist white nationalist, fashies!!

    NFL-NBA & MMA 👁👄👁

  29. Dale Hammers says:

    fitness is racist? When I think of a massively jacked man covered in muscles… I imagine a large black athlete, not whites lol. The physical physique that blacks can attain is awe-inspiring. As a former lineman I was always jealous lol. But damn they had to work hard for those bodies.

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