MY #1 TIP: DISTANCE then ACCURACY! #golflife #golf #golfer #golfswing

5 Replies to “MY #1 TIP: DISTANCE then ACCURACY! #golflife #golf #golfer #golfswing”

  1. If I was talking to a beginner golfer I would say contact is most important! Everything is rooted from contact! The greatest players and longest hitters would say contact over just knock the absolute fire out of one! Good shot tho bro!

  2. Thank you I will try that next time

  3. Zach J says:

    Most of us can drive over 250 and semi straight. It’s the 150 and in that separates casuals.

  4. ZENEO INC. says:

    Nice short shorts baby!!!!! Lol!!!!!

  5. m says:

    Do then think about what you did! If you always think first you may never really do anything at all

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