My Subscribers Chose My Golf Clubs!!

Today the golf clubs I hit on this Par 4 are chosen by you! Let me know what I should do next!

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25 Replies to “My Subscribers Chose My Golf Clubs!!”

  1. enigmaficate says:

    Seconds away from a total meltdown after the driver put.

    Then back to reality

  2. 2 iron, 60 degree, head less putter

  3. Travis Smith says:

    If 5 iron is your least favorite club you're not good at golf. Legit hack.

  4. 1. Hybrid
    2. P wedge
    3. Driver

  5. GHOSTDOGSXX says:

    Sand wedge , 3 iron , sand wedge and sand wedge , pitch wedge and a 60 degree

  6. Kanye Vest says:

    That’s funny cuz 5 iron is easily my favorite club

  7. Killua LG says:

    200 yd par 4?!?!!!

  8. noodle says:

    1. pitch
    2. putter
    3. 5 iron
    4. driver the rest of the way

  9. 1. putter
    2. Driver
    3. 8 iron
    4. Use pitching wedge as putter and you must loft the ball into the hole

  10. Is this wii golf irl?

  11. Beanmancan says:

    No this is just a joke don’t do it be a good boy for me

  12. Pls can you do 😊:
    1: Pitching wedge
    2: 3 wood
    3: 5 iron
    4: driver
    5: 7 iron

  13. Hans 17 says:

    1. Driver
    2. Putter
    3. Putter

  14. 1. 7 Iron
    2. Pitching Wedge
    3. 3 Wood
    4. Putter
    5. Driver

  15. Can you do a video showing the difference of a sand wedge and a p wedge? I always use my sandwedge for sand and chipping and I wonder if I should use a p wedge more.

  16. tomdg65 says:

    210 yard par 4

  17. Vincent M says:

    1 iron
    3 hybrid
    Pool cue on the green

  18. 1. Sandwedge 2. 3 Wood 3. Putter 4. Driver

  19. 1. 2 iron
    2. PW
    3. 3 Wood
    4. Driver

  20. Can you golf with a baseball bat?

  21. James Dube says:

    Love the content. How about…

    1. Putter
    2. Putter
    3. Driver

    (Sand wedge on the green)

  22. Putter wedge iron driver next

  23. Day two of asking for

    7 iron
    56 deggre

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