Natalie Ryan Not Permitted to Continue OTB Open | Lawsuit Update

The Defendants in Natalie Ryan’s lawsuit have appealed the California State Court’s decision granting a temporary restraining order to allow Natalie to compete in the OTB Open in the FPO division. The 9th circuit court of Appeals has ruled that the DGPT may continue enforcing its policy – effectively overturning the state court’s decision. The DGPT subsequently disqualified her from the tournament.

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20 Replies to “Natalie Ryan Not Permitted to Continue OTB Open | Lawsuit Update”

  1. David Turney says:

    I am proud of the PDGA for standing up for biological women. It is not fair to have a biological man play against womem.

  2. d b says:

    Don't let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha

  3. Mehameha says:

    It’s not about Natalie being trans woman , and all about being pushy to be a sandbagger. Natalie has no clue what Disc Golf honor is. You never sandbag another division for monetary reasons. This unspoken rule is older than Natalie is.

  4. This is what matters. Not what how Nat chooses to live her life. But the fair competition against other women

  5. It’s sick and grossly unethical when men want to compete as women in a women’s sport. Why do they even allow him to make a mockery of disc golf?

  6. dave palmer says:

    Those 33 have my full support on ending the absolute insanity. That group will only grow. It is mind blowing it even has to be a discussion, some people today have their heads so far up in dark they had to inquire the "science" to know if men and women are different. The truth will prevail

  7. Be funny if disc golf is the case the breaks the crazy

  8. The PDGA might have just saved women's sports.

  9. At this point the DGPT needs to make a 3rd division for all trans / non binary people. 🙂 It'd be interesting…even if it is only ryan playing and winning that division all the time.

  10. Pete Aldrich says:

    Natalie would be accepted in the men’s league.

  11. Johan Lind says:

    The ladies are doing it for themselves! I'm glad that fairness has won!

  12. jjtown says:

    Thank you pdga. It was only a few years ago the pro-transgender activist community rapidly changed the definition of "woman/women" prior to a national cultural debate on whether this definition change in the fundamental way in which we address human "beings" is something we can all agree on. Rather than having this debate the left simply declared "all that don't agree with this change in definition are transphobes who wish violence on trans people, and don't think trans people have the right to exist", which is overdramatic to say the least. The fact that most people are unwilling to give their opinion publicly should tell you the obvious social pressure most people feel to keep their opinions to themselves lest be cast from civil society with the dregs and heathens. Most people are not phobic, just disagree that the definition of "woman" can be simply changed because we say so. I think the words we use mean more to us than that. Definitions of men and women are so fundamental to our being it's hard to imagine anything else more fundamental. To state the definition of a woman as "anyone who identifies as a woman" is a circular definition at best, but has no falsifiable attributes, which leaves the definition of "woman" meaningless.

  13. Lance B says:

    So much hate.
    Welcome to America.

  14. Mac Dietz says:

    Female pro open

    MIXED pro open

    Whch one of thrse can a male play in? Seems simple.

  15. DamnMyEyes says:

    I’m in shock… never thought a California court would do this. Great job!!!

  16. TDorfner says:

    Incredible news

  17. sam wats says:

    make mixed comp with men/women/x(With handicaps! For men or x).. let women have their own space. Ryan looks so bad from all this, also burned too many bridges trying to cheat her way in.. handled all wrong, she couldve spun it, by accepting the fact its not fair..too many start on a path never questioning if headed right way, this is natalies downfall.. use press to start a new mixed comp so obvious.. we can have all playing all with handicaps.. womens tee, x tee, mens tee.. done

  18. im super pro trans in almost every way, but imo sports should be sex seperated.

  19. brian shaw says:

    drugs and surgery have never made man into woman…

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