Sleeping with My Murderer S01E01

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31 Replies to “Sleeping with My Murderer S01E01”

  1. What to expect from the police they are men

  2. The police let her down

  3. Because the police didnt want To recognise was a murder. Then not responsable

  4. Everyboy is Guitry police her parents sisters

  5. And the police were at fault

  6. Ok she doesn't défend herself but leave him torture her child that la criminal

  7. The poor woman weak how can que accepte to be beaten humiliated

  8. What is wrong with women being attractif by bad horrible men

  9. They shouldn't left her with him all the signes were there

  10. Lee Lorenz says:

    These women always have weak dads. If that was my daughter he'd dissappear. The guy will have asessed what he can get away with.

  11. Lee Lorenz says:

    Why wernt the police called by the family?

  12. I just don't understand all the people who knew what was going on from the police to the neighbors who had been asked to keep a diary of what they heard and saw I don't understand the police's reaction and I do think that the apology was too little too late

  13. I went through something soo similar. These demons are narcissists.
    They’ll go online looking for victims, love bomb you at the start till you think he’s the one, we didn’t all survive in the hands of these demons, those of us who did, is for a purpose, that purpose is to expose these demons and protect every woman.
    The devil I married is also angry at the world and hates those that are more privileged than him.

    Him and hood family indulge in black magic to gain power and control over others.

  14. mael says:

    A parent that knows their child is being assaulted, raped, starved, beaten, and does nothing is failing that child. In this case he didn't do all those things to that child, but he abused her. I know how hard it is for victims to leave, but if you have a child and you make that child stay in those circumstances, you're failing that child.
    I know this is controversial to say, but I know children that were raped every day and the mother knew, saw it happen, heard it happen, and she did nothing. She was abused, she was scared, it's hard to leave an abuser, all that is true, but she did nothing to protect those children.

  15. I would've knifed him in his sleep

  16. Sasha M says:

    F…g monter im glad he killed himself cz at the end they will judge him life sentence at max which is silly as usual , rip suzanne

  17. ASMR Chris says:

    Fucking leave then,how can you love someone who abuse you/bully you?her family should have done more,if you see all the holes punched in door/walls obviously he got a temper and the black eye closes the case.She should have left.

  18. Gary Daly says:

    I find it hard watching these histories because when my dad killed himself when I was ten years old my mother quickly met this fucking monster who moved in within weeks of my dad's funeral. She was a promiscuous woman who would fuck men in front of me. The very first day I met him he kicked me. He then became a real life monster in my life. Everyday until I left home at 18 he punched me, kicked me and scared the living shit out of me. He also hit my mother, however I grew to hate my mother because she allowed him to punch and kick me in front of her. She blamed me for his anger. She said she loved him. I asked her to leave him on. multiple times. She didn't. I still don't talk to my mother, I have no love for her. My mother was a victim yes, but I was ten years old and she had hundreds of opportunities to leave this madfuck. She was an adult and even now people always say I should feel sorry for her and forgive her. No. Never forgave her, never will. I actually despise her and just because decades have past I cannot love her, I hated him and finally confronted him when I was an adult when I got out of the army, he hit my mother one night when I made one of my 'make up' visits with my mother (I was a sucker back then thinking I should love my mother). I punched the fucker and we punched on until I finally had him on the ground. My fucking mother called the cops on me and I was arrested (well detained) as the cops and me talked and nothing came of it. I have never spoken to him our her since. That was Late 1993. And I have zero compassion or empathy for her or him. The second that monster kicked me on day one back in 1975 my mother should have kicked him out. She didn't she failed miserably and horribly as a mother and I cannot forgive her weak character. No one ever thinks of the children of women who let these pigs into their lives and allows these brutes to beat children. She could have done the right thing but she was an alcoholic weakling whore who basically was an oxygen thief. I don't agree that women can't leave these men. Her friends tried tat the very least to take us out of the home, but no she continued to talk about what 'a loving family man he was'. It takes courage to make a difference. She failed me as a mother and as an adult. Getting punched in the face in from of your mother who them turns to me and says it's my fault, how do you explain that? I can explain it easily, my mother was selfish and weak and put her needs before mine. In this case the cops in this horrible event obviously wanted to sweep it under the carpet because of all the reported violence of this pig against her. So in a sense decades of domestic abuse and reporting has meant nothing. The cops are corrupt across the board. They are afraid of taking the stand against crime because society is filled with interest groups that have all the influence and power and directly control politicians and public servants.

  19. Didi Magnin says:

    My thoughts are with Chloe. Brave girl.

  20. Ngipz Marz says:


  21. SleepyGirl says:

    He’s nothing but a violent insecure bully. If any man had ever so much as looked at my sons’ the wrong way they’d have known about it. There must have been signs that he was unhinged.. why stick around?!

  22. Many of the photos are narrated – pretty strange. It's like commentary a blind person can get at the movies.

  23. tonynmilo says:

    I feel no sympathy for this woman, she like my mother was with a violent partner. Her relationship with this bully came first and her daughter came second. It could of turned out worse being her daughter getting murdered on that night too.

  24. Unable to finish watching this; NO ONE helped that poor woman and her young child. The family and neighbours should be a shamed of themselves.

  25. There needs to be a register for people who have a history of domestic violence so that people can have some warning before becoming involved with violent partners, especially when there are children.

  26. fiona cole says:

    My sister was involved with a vulgar violent thug and i made sure i was at her place in his face daily never ever let these weaklings intimidate you as a family, these men are weak and full of shit, the sonner fa.ily members find out about violence then STEP IN AND STAY IN.. its ridiculous, but also women need to stop rushing into relationships and moving men in, she owned her house yet kickes her out, what a tough horrid weak little nut job…

  27. Kylie Reed says:

    these comments are vile! sounds like none of you had been in a domestic violent relationship or witnessed this..well thank god for you !! it brings in alot of emotions including shame and fear…FEAR! the family couldve done more yes, but unless you have been in that individuals place, in that persons shoes who are you to judge? poor daughter, poor lady and poor family! why is it always people asking why the women stay etc? not why men abuse like this????????? i cant see one comment condeming him, and i hope to fucking god YOU or your DAUGHTERS, GRANDAUGHTER, SISTERS OR WOMEN in your family never ever lose anyone like this or have this situation happen to them!

  28. At 2:47 "A young white woman with blonde hair". What was the point of this statement?

  29. Shpresa Lika says:

    Her family failed their daughter/sister,i dont give a sh*** if someone try to intimidate me ,ill never allow my sisters or niece to suffer from the hands of a monster,poor Susanne

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