Natural Remedies for ADD, Self-quantification for Athletes, Biomarkers

In this episode, you’ll learn the secrets of freediving and spearfishing, discover tips for maintaining health during travel, explore effective ways to manage ADD without medication, delve into the science behind nutrition and physiology, and get insights on how to design a lifestyle that optimizes performance and longevity.

On a recent trip to the beach, I dove into the ocean depths with Andrés Preschel, a Miami-based fitness wizard and friend of mine who’s just as nuts about exercise physiology as I am.

Andrés and I chatted about everything from freediving to spearfishing, from breathwork to staying healthy while on the road. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Andrés’ story is a testament to perseverance. New York-born but Venezuela-raised, Andrés navigated life with ADD from an early age, all the while dealing with health issues like body dysmorphia, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Yet, in true warrior fashion, he decided to take charge of his own health before his hardest year in high school, stepping off medication and taking on a health-focused journey.

Blending a passion for sports with a scientific brain, Andrés dove into the study of human nutrition and physiology, overcoming his personal battles and even acing academic exams in the process. Fast forward, and he’s built up quite the résumé: a degree from the University of Miami, numerous academic accolades, and a muscular physique to boot.

Juggling a rigorous course load at university, Andrés kept his plate full with teaching gigs, late-night research escapades, and even found time for boxing and bodybuilding. Post-undergrad, he secured a fully-funded research scholarship for his Master’s Degree in Applied Physiology, with a focus on Nutrition for Health and Human Performance.

From 2017 onward, Andrés took the fitness world by storm. He’s worked on lifestyle and longevity programs, co-authored a book, and led webinars on hot topics like intermittent fasting and exercise physiology. Plus, he’s made an impact by coaching CEOs, founders, athletes, and everyday folks looking to up their game.

Currently, as the founder of Know Your Physio and a founding member at Drym Health, Andrés is on a mission to offer lifestyle solutions to the most ambitious people out there, creating data-driven programs for better performance, longer lifespan, ideal body composition, and so much more. When he’s not geeking out on health and fitness, you can find him spearfishing, cycling, cooking, or chilling with his loved ones.

So, whether you’re a high-flying exec, a sports champ, or just an average Joe or Jane hoping to find the sweet spot between ambition and contentment, Andrés has got a solution for you.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Andrés Preschel…02:45

-Breathwork for freediving…05:44

-Diaphragm stretches and contractions…14:46

-How did Andrés get into freediving?…20:14

-Andrés’ ADD diagnosis…25:29

-The influence of gluten on ADD/ADHD…35:16

-Working in physiology and Andrés’ obsession with data…39:30

-Bloodwork and biomarkers to pay attention to…49:48

-The spiritual component and plant medicine…56:32

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  1. Mehul Sagar says:

    Ben we love you for bringing out the deepest science on everything one can search for learn hope you guys had a great dinner 🐟🐠

  2. DROOG Bear says:

    Best podcast for work listening. Thanks for always bringing us new information and challenging the status quo

  3. Dave lane says:

    Big Ben thank you and God bless

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