Navigating The Housing Market With Mark Zandi

Our next guest is one of the most influential economists for businesses, journalists, and the public and is a trusted adviser to the nation’s top policymakers. As the leading provider of economic research and data, he has made a career out of helping clients navigate the ever-changing marketplace.

Dr. Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, joins Willy on the Walker Webcast to discuss the multi and single-family housing markets, predictions about the Federal Reserve’s next move, the strength of the U.S. economy, and so much more.

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Key Points In The Webcast:
03:00 Effects of the Fitch Rating downgrade
06:08 The importance of consumer confidence
08:52 Debt load isn’t a problem
11:50 Have we been complacent with the Fed funds rates?
16:48 Where Fed funds are headed
20:02 Will the state of the banking sector worsen?
25:45 Concerns on private capital markets
28:44 Employment and wage growth
31:27 Will immigration reform affect the economy?
36:48 How the refi wave influence consumer balance
39:06 Fannie and Freddie conservatorship
41:44 The future of oil prices
45:18 Is the student debt relief plan an issue?
49:23 Housing recession and what it means for multifamily
55:26 What lies ahead in 2024

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One Reply to “Navigating The Housing Market With Mark Zandi”

  1. Joe B says:

    Willy's questions to Mark were extremely long winded. Too much elaborations hiding the main questions.

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