TaylorMade 2023 P790 Iron vs 2021 | Performance Review

We put TaylorMade’s new P790 iron head-to-head against its 2021 predecessor! See what improvements have been made, what technology has been added, and most importantly, if there’s any significant difference in performance.

0:00 | Intro
0:37 | 2023 vs 2021 P790 Overview
1:28 | 2023 P790 Iron Testing
4:16 | 2021 P790 Iron Testing
7:31 | Final Thoughts/Numbers

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6 Replies to “TaylorMade 2023 P790 Iron vs 2021 | Performance Review”

  1. Jamie Daly says:

    Listening to them it sounds like the old were crap and the new are amazing, looking at the data they're almost exactly the same and the only person who'd notice a difference maybe would be a tour pro! Lol

  2. golfaddict says:

    great video……i am 58 years old…7 handicap…..95 mph driver swing speed….i am interested in the P-790's but have an issue….which would you say is possibly the better club
    JPX 923 hotmetal
    Srixon ZX5 or 4
    Titleist T200

    I currently play the Taylormade Stealth……hit the 7 iron about 150 yards
    thx and cheers from Canada

  3. Here we go again. As a hundreds of times before on another 100 review channels. Testing an" average" players iron, for the 80-85 mph 7i player (or even in the high 70's) with a 95+ mph swingspeed or so. Useless. How the hell does this help the 80%-90% of the average players. Even PGA pro 7i average is 172. Male mid amateur is 140. Average players interested in these clubs just need to gap correctly and realistic expectations and results. To in real life with real numbers to play with the speeds they have. 210+ yards 7i…..come on… in the bay with a fast ballstriker. But for the rest of the golfers??

  4. Ryan A. says:

    I need help! What do we think about these vs the Stealth irons for player improvement irons and ones that are easier to hit

  5. Nick Craciun says:

    Kris doesnt look like how I expected from the fully equipped podcast lol. But these clubs look great as all the p790s have, the biggest issue has always been those flyers out of the center of the face and if they correct that then they have the best irons in the world on their hands.

  6. P H says:

    Another Taylormade gimmick, they are the only company that consistently releases the same product over and over again…

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