NELK BOYS Rizz Breckie Hill, Katie Sigmond & Sara Saffari! | One Night with Steiny






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36 Replies to “NELK BOYS Rizz Breckie Hill, Katie Sigmond & Sara Saffari! | One Night with Steiny”

  1. Dave311 Lye says:

    Why didn’t Paul keep the same format? This just feels like another podcast. With the same fucking people now.

  2. YFH JoJo says:

    bro breckie saying its creepy to go on reddit and get the pics without paying but buying the OF and looking at the pics isnt creepy lmfao

  3. Im chillin says:

    "One Night with Steiny" is the most steiny title for a podcast ever… fucking geek.

  4. Casseeyy says:

    Steiny playin ball lowkey

  5. iiCORDii says:

    $200 a month for OnlyFans isn’t that much? What the fuck lmfao. I wouldn’t spend $10 a month for that lame shit

  6. Natan S says:

    Don’t go on podcast if your a female and in pj’s
    Get dressed! Look good lol

  7. Katie swears she’s decent when she’s only knows for her huge ass 😂

  8. No one got Sara’s sugondese comment🤣😭🤣

  9. zachary023 says:

    One Night with Simpy

  10. zachary023 says:

    Sara would rock steiny in the ring even if he was training would probably get rocked by a chick.

  11. Ty Case says:

    Kyle is a straight villain bro 😂😂😂

  12. Ty Case says:

    This pod proves how cool Katie is. She is a G. Sarah is cool af, too. I am sorry but breckie is dumb as a box of rocks

  13. Ty Case says:

    Breckie said, “but then I came to la and the guys told me it was normal so It’s normal” about being an of girl. But she was premed 😂😂😂 Gtfo

  14. These chicks over 22?? asking for my party planner, and a friend not myself. iTHINK I was forced into a consensual marriage

  15. this was painful to watch

  16. What has Nelk become 😞

  17. MTV Jesse vs Steiny 🥊

  18. Ty Case says:

    Steiny could get in the ring if he just, stops drinking, stops taking using party enhancers, learns how to run, sees the inside of a gym, completely revitalizes his diet, and learns to accept himself and gain some confidence and he would have a chance not to embarrass himself in the ring. I love Steiny but a fight? It would be an ultimate challenge for himself. I would like to see the journey, make it a YouTube series.

  19. this is retarded but im w it

  20. steiny the goofiest mf 😂

  21. Mr Douche says:

    I mean her ex was right. The only guys who would want her for anything other than sex are going to be guys who made really shitty life decisions themselves. Breckie is coping real hard.

  22. jclark says:

    Katie def has some heat towards breckie lol

  23. Steiny is so CRINGE 😂🤦‍♂️

  24. Steinys sarcasm and humour is not for everyone to understand

  25. Bob6 says:

    Steiny is basically 905 shooter how is he not kicked off of nelk already lol

  26. Steiny was awful at defending himself against Schulz. Schulz was 100% in the right

  27. Steiny isn’t attractive, or funny. But he smiled like he has a chance

  28. Steiny is so insufferable

  29. 41:33 shot fired at breckie🤣

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