NEW 2023 Cobra KING TOUR THE IRON FOR ALL GOLFERS and yes I honestly think this could be one of the Best All Round Irons in Golf. It may well have the perfect blend of Looks, Feel, Performance and Forgiveness. Just enough TECH in the head to increase its Forgiveness levels over that of the smaller MB and CB models, but not too much that it spoils the look and feel of the strike.

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  1. Thanks for the review of the 3 Cobra irons. I really enjoyed it. I purchased the 2023 King MB (and CB for the 4 and 3 iron) in the Spring and I indeed noticed how forgiving it is for a blade. Your analysis confirms my recent experience.

  2. Jay, to say that I am impressed with the Cobra is an understatement. I would like you to tell me how the Sub 70 TC and MB perform, especially compared to the Cobras. I am interested in potentially changing irons and half price is…half price. BTW love you using an actual hole on the beginning.

  3. Jose Herrera says:

    As a mizuno 223 player, I hit these cobras at my local golf store this last sunday and they were very good! Not as good as my 223s but really close. Felt good too.

  4. Anthony Hegg says:

    @AskGolfNut What irons between these King Tours and the Ping i230's would you say are more forgiving? And which do you prefer?

  5. Pete Major says:

    This could be the first iron that has ever tempted me to switch from playing Mizuno for 35 yrs

  6. Joe says:

    I game these and I can confirm they are very forgiving in the heel which is my miss. I’ve never been a cobra fan (in fact I’ve always disliked them) but these sold me.

  7. seanshoot says:

    I bought a king tour fitting club off ebay a couple months ago and hit a couple thousand balls with it and it felt really good. The sound and feel was really nice and they where pretty forgiving and had great control. Having said that I ended up getting i230's. I just hit the i230 a little better and consistent. The only downside to me is the i230 doesn't have the same feel as the tour, its not a huge difference but its noticeable. I also wasn't a big Ping fan but the i230's changed my mind lol

  8. These would be in the wheelhouse for so many more players than the MB or CB. What a great looking and performing iron Cobra have made. Thanks for your excellent in depth reviews of their line-up Jay

  9. How would you compare the forgiveness and feel vs i230?

  10. David Hall says:

    Could be the replacement for my MP53's😁 I love the look of these.

  11. rucks13 says:

    Hit everything in this category and the Cobras were by far my favorite. I went in wanting Mizuno 223s or Srixon ZX7s and came out with the King Tours

  12. Am always interested in what shaft you are hitting..

  13. Skye PRF says:

    47 degré on the green for a 7 iron… is it the player or the club?

  14. Tried them a few times.KBS + Nippon shafts R + S. Love the looks. Love the brand. But for the love of god cannot hit them with any consistancy.

  15. Cody R says:

    Did you ever hit the Cobra MIM Tour irons, how would they compare to these?

  16. DKNY49 says:

    Would this be comparable to the Mizuno Pro 225?

  17. BOBBY says:

    Played by Rickie Fowler on the PGA Tour!

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