NEW Prototype DRIVER!!! JAMES ROBINSON VERY IMPRESSED!! – In this video we show you the NEW Prototype Takomo Driver which will be coming to the market soon! Is it a BETTER option than a 2nd DRIVER!!!


40 Replies to “NEW affordable DRIVER!!! JAMES ROBINSON VERY IMPRESSED!!”

  1. Is this driver getting released yet???

  2. Chris, did you nearly smile after your drive on the ninth?

  3. Jim Wocha says:

    It sounds just like a ping G425. I should know as my mate plays with one.

  4. 101 Tee from Maui, Hawaii!

  5. koolkats724 says:

    Poor James, must be a middle child! Lol! Lots of “Look at me, look at me!”

  6. 🐊🏌🦅🇺🇲👍

  7. agree with you Chris that sounded like an aluminum baseball bat

  8. Eric Jencson says:

    Those greens look awful. It is Finland though.

  9. WHY does Brits NOT speak english

  10. vini robes says:

    takomo making moves!

  11. Kaboom0385 says:

    you guys talk about sound…I like to look at avg distance… forgivable drivers lol.
    my big question is because of you and James Im looking takomo irons. my current irons are old (Callaway x-20). would you recommend tacomo and if so what irons?? I'm a 14 handicap

  12. “You hit the ground, the ball went in the air”. Chris you are amazing!

  13. Any idea when drivers are available ?

  14. LabGorilla says:

    The sound of James’ driver is not to my liking at all. Those irons look sueeeeeeetttt!

  15. How can I rest a driver or iron here in the US. Any retailers in the southeast of the US. Love the looks of clubs.

  16. Jeff Nahass says:

    That sounded weird!! Anyway, watching your show over James because I just want to.

  17. Rafa Bonati says:

    Chris needs a new hat. One that says PIKE!

  18. The ball stuck on the green like a six toed cat!

  19. Da So says:

    1:30 every golfer ever, cassic Chris. They do look good.

  20. AJA says:

    Sound could be better. Where is ball tracker on Chris's channel?

  21. Sound dampens that strong wind so well you cannot hear it and the camera is also good at keeping those trees still.

  22. nebraska39 says:

    Great looking course, my only worry is that there will be no or limited left hand options for the range, but the most burning question did Chris have to take a mortgage out to buy the beers?

  23. Bill McGann says:

    Chris would you put the Ping back in your bag if it sounded better? Btw Takomo thanks for demo-ing the Takomo line. Is tha a Takomo proto putter?

  24. Sound ..hard object + hard object = this perfect sound. Love it.

  25. Love the looks and really love the sound. I know you don’t but I think a driver should sound like it hit something hard and not like a tennis racket. If they make this on a left handed model I’ll be ordering one immediately.

  26. I'm with you, Chris, on the sound. I switched from Ping to Callaway for exactly that reason.

  27. Karl Apps says:

    Ping hats are alright though 😂

  28. I agree with you don't like the sound, maybe sounds different in real life??👏👏🏌️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  29. Iron Blue says:

    That is one bonny course

  30. Andy Linacre says:

    You mean the DP Tour ? looks good anyway !

  31. GONADSable says:

    Would never buy a New driver they are all over priced ,better off buying last year's model or back a,couple of years .golf is difficult enough to play without all the Hype and B .S they try to Con golfers in with ( New improved Technology Crap.)Golfers in the past have played great golf with great older models clubs .

  32. Rick M says:

    Nice to see you all do videos that address equipment for those of us who are retired and on fixed income thanks for the great videos.

  33. Brett Larson says:

    J: What about that ground interaction??? C: Ya, ya hit the ground… 🤣🤣🤣

  34. 101t look solid. Drive seems like great value and just as good as any other driver

  35. Obviously it would sound different in person than it does in a video, but it does sound odd. It almost sounds like an aluminum baseball bat hitting a ball. Looks great though and I’m intrigued.

  36. John King says:

    A Smug Robinson is something to be feared! 😂

  37. Chris Tucker says:

    I love my 101s but they will have to have a demo option for this driver.

    You shouldn’t buy any clubs without testing or a fitting, but driver specifically, so many variables. I’ll have to be able to test it to send my Cobra F9 out to pasture and get this

  38. Jeesus, it sounds like its not going! Sorry…

  39. Course is absolutely beautiful, it would be hard to maintain focus on my game vs. the scenery

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