2021 Disc Golf World Championships | FINALB9 LEAD | McBeth, Heimburg, Conrad, Jones | Jomez

Hello, and welcome to the final round of the 2021 PDGA Pro World Championships presented by GRIP6 from The Fort Disc Golf …


25 Replies to “2021 Disc Golf World Championships | FINALB9 LEAD | McBeth, Heimburg, Conrad, Jones | Jomez”

  1. roostercube says:

    I've seen the Holy Shot possibly hundreds of times, and I still get chills every time. The most incredible and emotional moment in sports history.

  2. Just smiles everything I watch the last hole.

  3. Coming back to this after what has happened in disc golf the last 2 years is wild. This was an amazing pivoting moment for the sport and everything kinda just changed after this. Except how amazing the sport is.

  4. Jeremy Gent says:

    Hannah was pissed 😤 good wife

  5. Did he get a skip off the tree?

  6. Greatest sports moment? You clearly were not watching the Miracle on Ice. This one was up there but I don't think anything compares to that victory.

  7. ive watched this so many times. loved the professionalism from paul. Class act. James is awesome as well

  8. Emulen10 says:

    All the pressure on James to throw the shot of his life "Hold my beer"

  9. spazmatt527 says:

    52:13 "Pure bedlam"…as a medium sized crowd of people are standing around, a few cheering, most murmuring. LMAO my dude just does not understand the definition of that word.

  10. James says:

    23:53 reminds me of that one scene from madagascar. the resemblance is uncanny

  11. kbarrett63 says:

    @48:41 YOU CAN SAY THAT OVER AND OVER AND…..WALLAHHH!!!!!!! Miracles do happen 🙂

  12. Disc Wolf says:

    Awesome!!! Every time…

  13. Anyone want to see Paul be nervous? 51:37
    At this moment. I knew he lost. Look at that nervous left leg.

  14. I wish Jeremy would've just stood quiet when the shot happened. The fake reaction is cringe, especially when this clip is going to be played over and over probably like, forever.


  16. Just last week I bought Grip 6 belts for my two sons and for myself because of this video… And I was cheering for Calvin ❣️lol 🥏

  17. John Gorgos says:

    Let's not forget the great approach on hole 17 by James using that very same Envy…

  18. Rickard says:

    how many times have you rewatched hole 18? Me: Yes!

  19. Strellzic says:

    I'm in my first year of disc golf and have never felt so passionately about a sport in my life. It has added such a fun thing to work towards getting better at and to enjoy the outdoors more often with friends. I have been watching so much coverage but my god, how do you beat this moment. Truly epic and pumped that my first special edition disc was the James Conrad Nomad Putter knowing nothing about what I was purchasing. I just thought it was a cool looking putter. Amazing sportsmanship out there from everyone!

  20. Long hair = 18 hole going down at 250 in sun!!!!! CONRAD FOREVER

  21. A A says:

    2023 and this still is an amazing ending. Kudos to James and Paul for their awesome sportsmanship. The energy was fantastic, and this showed disc golf can be an exciting, mainstream sport.

  22. WWG1WGA says:

    How much was the check?

  23. Daniel says:

    Whenever I'm feeling down or sad, I watch James win it. Makes me feel a lot better

  24. Chonkomp963 says:

    Amazing play! On a lighter note, These guys fanboying for Paul is basically just on par with Chris collinsworth loving every inch of Patrick mahomes lol. No offense, just calls em as I sees em 🤷‍♂️

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