NEW COURSE Kensington Park CC in PGA TOUR 2K23

TGCTOURS World Cup Design Contest Course! BEAUTIFUL New Course Kensington Park CC designed by ChuckGViolin in PGA TOUR 2K23! PGA TOUR 2K23 Gameplay First Look & Impressions! Full 18 hole round at Kensington Park CC by ChuckGViolin! PGA TOUR 2K23 PC Gameplay. Many more gameplay videos including tutorials, career mode, and much more can be found on the channel! Checkout all of my PGA 2K23 course showcases in this playlist:

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Artist: Patrick Patrikios
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6 Replies to “NEW COURSE Kensington Park CC in PGA TOUR 2K23”

  1. Chuck did such a great job on this golf course! So much fun to play! Thank you to ChuckGViolin for all the hard work in designing this! Many more course showcases will be coming soon, check this playlist for more: || Checkout my full tutorial playlist for PGA 2K23 if you are looking for ways to improve your game here: || There will be plenty more videos coming for PGA TOUR 2K23! Subscribe, turn on notifications, and stay tuned! My next live stream will be Wednesday afternoon (August 9, 2023) on Twitch if you all want to check out some live gameplay. Here is my twitch link: || Typical stream schedule is Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 1:00 PM EST on Twitch!

  2. Great course showcase video! Definitely a challenging course. Demands perfect shots which is what a US Open style course is. A round of applause to the designer. And a really nice round for Ryan Gamer! Cheers!!

  3. Cracking course, entertaining as always Ryan 🏌‍♂⛳👍

  4. Lane Douglas says:

    New viewer here, this course is on my list to play today. Try Diamond Valley G&CC and TPC Kananaskis, I did my best to make them realistic and tough.

  5. James Ellis says:

    If you want a challenge Ryan try Rise of the Shaolin’s son.

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