NEW Taylormade P790 irons V Callaway Paradym irons – head to head 2023

Taylormade P790 irons –

Callaway Paradym irons –

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26 Replies to “NEW Taylormade P790 irons V Callaway Paradym irons – head to head 2023”

  1. Jacob Martin says:

    What golf shoes are those?

  2. salsabil says:

    You have got to do a t200 p790 comparison andy t200 looks like sex on a stick

  3. Scott Gobel says:

    Cool hat also. What is that hat you have on there?

  4. golfaddict says:

    I am currently playing the STEALTH irons….my handicap this year is around 6-8…..I like the forgiveness but am wondering if you think the P-790 would be good for my game or if i am good enough to play them….i love the look of the P-790… would be looking to get 5-PW , AW with 1 degree up and midsize grips and prefer the graphite shafts…thx…cheers from Canada

  5. Thanks for the review Andy! I like, looks, sound, feel, flight, price, who doesn’t? No difference in sound! Right now, I like my PXG 0211XCOR2 irons with my Cleveland hybrids.

  6. sounds the same to me i think

  7. Really helpful review Andy…thanks. I prefer the brushed satin appearance of the P790s and will definitely give them a try when they come out. I'll probably compare them against the new Titleist T200 and Cobra Forged Tec. Here in the US, the Cobras seemed to be priced a little lower than the P790s and T200s.

  8. Paradyms taken me down from 22 HCP to 16 in a few months so I’m well happy with mine & regularly shooting low 80s now with disabilities & slow swing

  9. I got the Paradyms earlier this year. Not keen on he appearance of the back of the clubs but look good at address IMO. Distance is certainly there but have been working with my swing to generate height and spin to stop on greens. Not totally convinced by them so far.

  10. John Templin says:

    Sound and feel and looks are everything, the sound comes across terrible Andy , I know that sounds much better in real life

  11. Tommy Eden says:

    Most trucks do pretty much the same thing, which truck people buy usually comes down to preference in terms of looks and aesthetics. It is no difference with golf clubs, if I am spending this much money on them I want them to look good to me. I recently bought a new driver, not because it was vastly different than my old driver, but because I loved the sound which equated to me loving the feel. Sound and feel are connected. Another example, I have played Mizuno irons for years and blades at that. Are Mizuno irons better than Taylormade in terms of performance? No, but they feel better when hit out the middle. That said, I just purchased the 2023 P790's because I actually love the look, love the feel, love the performance and the sound is vastly improved. It is more of a thud than a click now and that is all I needed.

  12. glen burr says:

    I don’t swing fast enough to get the launch, spin, and landing angle to hold greens, never mind aiming at flag sticks. 80 MPH 7 iron. I need weaker lofts. 33-34 degree 7 irons are better for my game.

  13. I'll bet they are both proper irons but holy click! I'll stick with my XR16's

  14. Chris Chapin says:

    Excellent review. I really like the head to head comparison and find it one of your most helpful videos. Thanks.

  15. I'm playing the 2nd gen P790s and love them. But….. I do get fliers. I am interested in seeing the new irons and if they eliminated the hot spot issue that tended to rear its head whenever I really didn't want it.

  16. r adam says:

    Opportune and useful comparison of two heavyweigths. Sound, but especially feel, are crucial for me. This is normally a strength of Callaway whose irons feel at a time powerful and soft. It seems both irons on test come neck and neck in this respect. Shaft options available for test will be most important, just as the possibility of testing several irons in the set. Thanks, keep it up.

  17. NtheKnife18 says:

    The sound never really bothered me with clubs. Especially irons. I mean unless it sounds like a Nike Sq2 it’s not going to bother me. I have the 2021 790s and think they sound great.

  18. nbargolf says:

    Not for me don't like the looks of the TM and I definitely don't need to launch it higher then now. Like you said to each his own.

  19. C Huzz says:

    Considering the sales success of P790 it completely baffles me why Callaway didn’t make Paradym look more like the new Apex Pro does – they’re both hollow bodied irons. Same with Titleist’s T200. No one wants plastic glued to the back of their irons.

  20. Ed Toperzer says:

    My buddy bought the Paradym irons played 2 rounds, returned them for the Big Bertha irons and loves them. More meat behind the ball and a slightly longer face.

  21. Ton H says:

    P790 all the way. Don’t like irons based on that years driver line up, plus they look so much better

  22. Paul McGee says:

    Totally agree about the forged thing. With you too on the data. TM wins

  23. WKD WKD says:

    One big majoy factor left out the comparison. Club face strike. Strike denotes spin, launch and carry

  24. P790 my dream iron set actually be the new p700’s

  25. Are the lofts the same of the two irons?

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