Never Duff Your Chip Shots Again – The Best Chipping Lesson Ever


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18 Replies to “Never Duff Your Chip Shots Again – The Best Chipping Lesson Ever”

  1. SagutoGolf says:

    Full Episode Link –

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  2. Excellent tip, as always.

  3. Peter McGill says:

    Never again?
    You’re on!

  4. Damon Katos says:

    Watch Dechambeau chip and he has this technique going on quite well.
    It solved my issues

  5. leading arm starts more straight but then on the downswing you transition to more of the trailing arm as being more straight, no?

  6. what if you can't straighten your arms?

  7. Excellent points Tom! After today's two chunks, I will definitely be making an adjustment. Surprising because I don't make the mistake on long shots.

  8. Gwilb3rd says:

    My bro you straightened out at the end of your swing…On a brighter note you helped me take 12 strokes off my game you da man golf is fun and easy! Love you bud! Keep doing your thing! Gods blessings +

  9. GrizzBro says:

    I figure it out for a day and then the next im right back to the old ways of digging a hole with the wedgie

  10. Peter Sa says:

    Am I correct that this also applies to a full swing?

  11. Thank you very much 👍🏽. I forgot what I learned earlier from you about chipping 🏌🏻‍♂️

  12. Rob O says:

    Awesome tutorial! As a novice golfer this video is on point!👍👍👍

  13. 3-DDjr says:

    Good tip. I chunked 3 chips yesterday.

  14. Matthew Reed says:

    Tom, u had a similar post earlier, and it has been my bread and butter all season. Trail arm Gorilla glued to my ribs all the time! So crispy 🍗🐔 and delicious.

  15. Chris says:

    Looking fresh baby!

  16. Absolute 🔥 as always!

  17. landofodin says:

    Another one that resonates with me Tom, you're just killing it. Is there a YouTube award for Golf Instructor of the Year??? cause you'd have it locked up by now. Thanks!!!,

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