Next Generation – Titleist T-Series Irons.

Titleist T-Series Irons
Titleist continues to raise the bar in performance irons with the launch of its next generation T-Series. The tour-proven four-model lineup includes T100, T150, T200 and T350. The four-model series debuted on the PGA Tour in June at the Memorial Tournament. Titleist boasts the long-standing mantle as the most played iron on the PGA Tour for 18 of the last 19 seasons.

T100 leads the pack as the most played iron model on Tour since the inception of its first generation in 2019. The modern tour iron is trusted by the game’s best players such as Jordan Spieth, Cameron Smith, Justin Thomas and Tom Kim. The new generation T100 includes improvements for better flight, greater control, enhanced feel and more efficient turf interaction. Dual cavity construction has been re-engineered by strengthening the back bar. This afforded the design team the ability to carve out mass in the heel, toe and face. The weight savings were used to make a subtle change over centre of gravity placement, which has delivered an iron that offers a solid forged feel with more forgiveness.

Rising superstar Tom Kim used the new T-Series irons for the first time at the US Open in June to record a T8 finish, his best result ever at a major to that time. Kim, who used T100 4-9 irons & T200 3 iron, said, “I’ve gone through three sets of T100s, and every time I hit the new ones, I kind of question, ‘Man, can it get any better?’ And for some reason it does.” Kim on the new T200, “The sound just completely changed, especially, not when you hit it good, but the mishits, the sound was really similar to the solid ones. The ball flight didn’t change much, and obviously the ball flight of it, where the curve was and everything was really similar to my good shots.”

T150 is the brand’s fastest tour iron and best suited to players who are looking for increased speed and distance with optimal forgiveness. T150 shares many of the technological features of T100. The main differences with the T150 is it used slightly strengthened lofts, an updated shape profile and a refined Muscle Channel. Based on feedback from the game’s better players, T150 was designed with a confidence-inspiring topline with a slightly larger profile to promote more forgiveness. The Muscle Channel located in the back bar has been re-designed to shift weight forward toward the face for greater distance control.

T200 is the tour-proven distance iron that offers the look of a Player’s iron with the performance features of a Game Improvement iron. The latest version T200 is ideally suited to golfers who want to add distance without compromising feel, flight and stopping power. The new T200 features a re-engineered chassis with the core support bar relocated closer to the center of the face to enhance feel during ball-striking. The Titleist design team maintained the clean and confident shaping of the previous T200 model based on their player’s feedback.

T350 offers all the features of the ultimate game improvement iron. It’s best matched with players who seek higher ball flight, longer distance and optimal forgiveness. The construction of the new T350 presents a large leap forward from the previous generation model. The changes mean the new T350 produces faster ball speed across the clubface, launches higher ball flight and delivers a tighter dispersion of shot-making. What was a one-piece cavity back construction, is now a forged, dual-taper face and hollow-body construction. The re-vamped 350 benefits from the Max Impact core support being moved closer the the center of the face. The chassis has been stiffened to dampen vibration. And, engineers moved away from a single tungsten weight to a heel/toe tungsten weighting system.

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  1. Great review brotha! Just purchased the T150. Get shipped out on the 25th! Can’t wait. Cheers!

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