Vote who should leave! #BFDI MINI 4

46 Replies to “Vote who should leave! #BFDI MINI 4”

  1. Chip bag watching a episode

  2. Andrei says:

    Vote to eliminate : Boogers

  3. Andrei says:

    The ice cream stick screams like David the stickman from BFB or BFDI

  4. Ash Cornell says:

    Popcorn needs to win

  5. Don't know Maybe B?

  6. This show do [B]e good

  7. kidoftheday says:

    B cause yolos guy screamed and that guy is part of him

  8. Canned Tuna says:

    Popcorn's scre[A]m tho 💀

  9. Fun fact: The stick figure's screaming was actually a high pitched version of Eraser screaming

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