Nicklaus North Hole Vlog | Whistler | Pro Golfer | Michael Caan

13 Replies to “Nicklaus North Hole Vlog | Whistler | Pro Golfer | Michael Caan”

  1. Charles King says:

    If I had to guess, I would say, you sense your face never ever ever rotates

  2. COB says:

    Crowded field.

  3. I go…mediocre drive, chunk into the sand, wedge out by an inch, chunk the chip and two putt for a double but the beer is cold

  4. Mike Virgin says:

    Dudes out here wearing capri pants from the women's section. Absolutely embarrassing.

  5. Are those your sisters pants?

  6. B Henz says:

    How your pants get so tight? Quite remarkable

  7. your putt was fine it didn't fall in though… not a bad putt though

  8. Best rounds I’ve ever had were in the rain.

  9. Joshua Lane says:

    Gotta love seeing your best friend pop up in a YouTube short right after some Norm MacDonald

  10. Cool Me says:

    Is that your girlfriends pants?

  11. Jb Jb1030 says:

    Looks like you’re jabbing your putts .. I used to have this problem went to a claw grip for about a year seemed to be pretty helpful.. just my 2 cents

  12. How are you so good?! Do you have any tips?

  13. Davey S says:

    niceee, going out to BC end of the month and youre playing all the course i have lined up!

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