Official PlayStation Magazine Issue 56 | Demo Derby

Dan and Grubb take some hit the links with some good ol’ Hot Shots Golf and ponder on whether or not we need another SOCOM game?

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43 Replies to “Official PlayStation Magazine Issue 56 | Demo Derby”

  1. Adam D says:

    Rez actually has amazing gameplay, some of the best boss fights in any game, and fun leaderboard chasing. There’s a ton of depth to it not too surprising Dan and Grubb missed out though pretty par for the course for them lol

  2. ShufflerTV says:

    Come for the demos, stay for the dumping on nu-metal

  3. H P Alpha says:

    I remember Allied Assault because there was a free version on Gamespy that let you play multiplayer on one map, I had a friend who was like, life-ruiningly addicted to it

  4. Those Flaw and MRH songs are bangers. Dan and Grubb digging through the past of nu-metal bands is pretty funny though.

  5. WackoWambo says:

    Please make Jeff Grubb be banned

  6. Mica Bryant says:

    Only halfway through the video but I'm already convinced that Dan it's just quitting these games the moment he feels like he's embarrassing himself😅

  7. Dan S says:

    What an awesome series. Thanks guys. I loved these discs. I was a HUGE FAN of the pc gamer demo discs. First time I played Star Control 2.

  8. Pyrocy says:

    Ah yes, Mushroomhead and Flaw. That was definitely an era for me. I bought Mushroomhead's XIII album the day it dropped and still think it's their best output. That said, I am afraid to tell you all that nu-metal is making a come back and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Now dye your hair spikes red, put on your ball chain necklace, and pull up your Jnco jeans, because we are about to rock the fuck out.

  9. Mike Minotti says:

    Man that Jak & Daxter trailer hit me like crazy.

  10. Chuck says:

    Watching Dan and Grubb clown on a Mushroom Head music video and I NEED a Dan and Grubb as Beavis and Butthead.

  11. Blake says:

    Damn son, hot shots looks really hpod for an early ps2 game. Dat draw distance and foliage

  12. Also Seinfeld is not funny at all.

  13. I don't wanna sound like one of those guys who makes drug their whole personality, but yeah man… do some MDMA and you'll understand Rez

  14. Buck Bumble says:

    Finally a true Worm Odyssey

  15. RedVIII says:

    I love these types of videos and it was the reason why I subscribed. I actually hope you do these more often.

  16. Renoistic says:

    Still waiting for a Jak & Daxter HD release for newer consoles.

  17. fmr1977 says:

    Here is a fun fact….Mushroomhead and Fear Factory just finished a tour with Static X

  18. Jerry says:

    This Mushroomhead music video is fantastic, but it doesn't hold a candle to Adema's "Immortal" from the Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance soundtrack.

  19. jontheballer says:

    Rez… Yall needed more drugs.

  20. Budaniel says:

    I'm no Rez fan, personally. If I'm going to play a game about cruising down a linear course with gameplay timed to the rhythm of a song, gimme Audiosurf any day of the week.

  21. Hey I was a huge fan of flaw back the day, and sure Chris volz looks very early 2000s hot topic. Weird seeing them again

  22. I feel like Dan would love both Mike Patton and Corey Taylor a lot.

  23. I miss when video games didn’t take themselves seriously and were just dumb toys meant to distract and cause joy ya know?

  24. I genuinely love seeing the games SCEA published or developed before they started racking up hits. PS2 Stuff like Draken, SOCOM, Primal, Kinetica, Mark of the Kri, Siren, Fantavision, Hot Shots. They picked such interesting games, many of them weirdly scrappy, and they obviously wanted to pour a ton of polish and advertising budget into those games, but they hadn't figured out a consistent formula for it yet. Obviously some of their partners and studios knew how to tackle it (Sly/Ratchet/Jak trifecta, Ico/Shadow, God of War) but overall SCEA/E/J didn't quite nail how to make their output broadly polished until later, I guess probably in the PS3's lifecycle.

    Once the PS3 dropped a lot of that output took the spotlight in a bad way, shit like Genji and Lair would have been ignored on the PS2 but became console war fodder for the PS3. Still interesting!

  25. I played the Rez demo religiously. I didn't get the full game Rez HD. Felt like an eternal wait but that's one of the games that cements whatever Dreamcast Cool(tm) is.

  26. Kyle S. says:

    Thank you duders for keeping this feature going!

  27. Can't wait to watch y'all 😊

  28. Krathoon says:

    I love this demo derby stuff. I wish they could give us the iso of the demo disc.

  29. Jimmy Roche says:

    Jeff was thinking of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance were kinda fun console games in the series back in the ps2/gc days

  30. Greg Klein says:

    Does anyone know the @ for that video game magazine ad Twitter account?

  31. “Oh boy a new demo derby!!”
    3 minutes later
    “Fuck these guys, Rez is a masterpiece”
    Grubb can’t stop gunning for favs lately with Star Wars Battlefront fans also furious

  32. Ben Garcia says:

    i got my all time highest score on REZ when i was on mushrooms, totally dialed in, event beat the hidden level, which i was never able to get past.

  33. Yairo Martis says:

    I think I still got this one!

  34. Hell yeah, what a vid.

  35. League of extraordinary gentlemen was the last Connery film

  36. lol no says:

    If your budget comes down to worms or women's clothes, the choice is always obvious.

  37. Mechanized says:

    Battles and Wands Concern

  38. Buttons says:

    it's no joke that this demo disc low-key changed my life; Rez was so different from anything else that I'd experienced in games that it made me realize "oh, games are made by people", and then, "since games… are made by people… i could make games?"

    I started writing this comment as the video started and was just about to bring up Area 5 as you mentioned it, haha. Yeah, the gameplay of Rez isn't incredible, I think it was just the first time a lot of people, myself included, experienced a game where the music and gameplay lined up the way that they did. Not so uncommon now, but back then it blew my 10-year old mind.

    I went in expecting Hot Shots Golf and walked away with a new mindset.

  39. bob james says:

    Dirty dan at it again.

  40. peaches peaches peaches peaches peaches

  41. Crud Buddies says:

    fantavision slander how dare you

  42. Brandon C. says:

    The religiosity with Rez comes from Area X in VR.

    It's a whole other experience that's not even comparable to flat screen.

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