Nico Rosberg's HONEST advice for Sergio Perez

Nico Rosberg gives his honest thoughts on how Sergio Perez should approach the rest of his season. #shorts #f1 #formula1
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49 Replies to “Nico Rosberg's HONEST advice for Sergio Perez”

  1. XurJagz says:

    I agree 💯. The guy is a warrior of a driver.

  2. Tim B says:

    Sergio’s last weekend is the right answer to the journalist’s, second is the best result, Ricardo would be second also.

  3. Rohullah says:

    Haha he helped Max win the 2021 WDC and now Max is crushing him to the point he is about to loose his seat

  4. Relax with eyebrows…

  5. Checo's car is compromised by a very particular setup he needs to have to make the car work to his needs. You can tell by hearing the onboards, where Hugh Bird repeatedly tells Checo to "manage." Last time at Spa, 26 times he was told that during the three stints! How is he supposed to keep a decent gap to Max, at least? Perez couldn't push because that would've ended up eating his tires – hence the "management" cry out all the time from his pit wall. And why has Checo's car been terrible on tire degradation compared to Max's? Maybe because magically, Max became the real tire whisperer, and Checo – who's been known for his tire management skills for the past ten years, just suddenly forgot how to drive and go for large and quick stints? There's been a couple of driving mistakes on his part lately; no questions about that, but it is NOT all up to him. But the media, instead of making a REAL journalism investigation and finding the root cause, goes only with the simplistic conclusion of "Checo is just a mediocre driver who can't challenge Max" and comfortably ride with the mainstream wave.

  6. Racewest says:

    His time is up I think

  7. Wingnut1989 says:

    Thats the way at a top team, Nico knows it as well as any.

  8. C-los says:

    Sergio just needs to do him. His time will come. Nico Rosberg couldn't be anymore right

  9. Junaid Din says:

    Nico is the only driver to beat 2 7-time world champions in equal machinery. He knows what he is talking about

  10. RaySat says:

    He knows from experience

  11. Daarom ben jij dus gestopt…..Lewis die steeds in je hoofd zat.😂

  12. John Barber says:

    Sergio is Bottas 8.0

  13. Nico….he needs a coach with experience. Someone to bring him back to 0.
    Perhaps you can help! I'm sure he can afford you.

  14. Anon says:

    Sorry Britney

  15. YSim says:

    He know…, he went through all of that… and won Championship …

  16. Thats the job of a racing driver it’s not all fun on track stuff otherwise they would having you nans racing

  17. I would hire Kimi nd Nico to be my media team

  18. MINISPARK84 says:

    anyone else that cant stand rosberg??? i mean i dont know the bloke but just find him bloody annoying!

  19. Checo needs to have a personal conversation with Nico. Nobody better to guide him.

  20. Tony Gallo says:

    Niko sei il migliore perché sei un' intelligenza libera da vincoli strumentali 💪😎

  21. Manne Di says:

    Niki Lauda had a visit and talk with Nico to regain his self confidence back. Nico changed his diet and his philosophy.

  22. Best advice for any situation in anyone's life

  23. I like that Rosberg hints a little to the mental health side of F1, for the drivers.👍👍

  24. Rosberg is able to articulate very well the pressure and team dynamics inside a team, in a way that is easy for fans to understand!

  25. hwd71 says:

    The way Ricciardo's going, I think Checo's seat is safe.

  26. Well said, Nico Rosberg. 👏🙌

  27. The focus should be completely on the race and preparing for it. Ngl if you’re constantly focused on someone else (like max) then you’re already getting inside of your own head. Nico is giving some solid advice imo

  28. he's been off the pace since the start. Similar to stroll level imo

  29. C Yo says:

    Yes it is part of the job. Is it uncomfortable, yes! But as most jobs go, it’s a pretty sweet job. If you can’t handle it quit.

  30. So basically he says.. use some common sense.. and do ur job 😂

  31. Muldoni says:

    So "Do a good job" is the best advice. Got it.

  32. Dangalf says:

    Just bin off Max every other race and red flag qualy when you're provisional P1, the rosberg blueprint

  33. Greg Dudds says:

    This man speaks the truth ❤

  34. Mickey@Mike says:

    A man telling from his experience. Love how he had beaten Hamilton in the mental game.

  35. Zaac says:

    And this is exactly how he beat Lewis. Well said Nico

  36. Rosberg speaking from the heart, he feeling what Sergio is feeling and got out of that 2nd place.

  37. Indeed, and after that the same journalist will lecture people about mental health.

  38. Good advice from Nico there.

  39. Omid Heidari says:

    It's easy to say, I know Mexican culture they are hard on themselves and he feels disappointed in himself and knows he lost his opportunity

  40. ARC says:

    He has gone through the same thing with Hamilton.

  41. R S says:

    He starts front row

  42. DM says:

    Did anyone else see him get annoyed with the little girl for calling him Britney 😂😂

  43. BATMAN22 says:

    Nico retired at the absolute top of his game, as a World Champion, beating the Statistical GOAT in equal machinery……Not many drivers can say that!!
    And he has solid opinions now as a pundit…… Respect!👍🏻

  44. This is why this man is the 2016 World Champion who beat Lewis Hamilton in equal machinery

  45. ProPork says:

    puts mic really close to mouth thats the hardest part of the weekend

  46. joeking88 says:

    I think at the moment this form isn’t a massive issue as Perez is clearly no where near Verstappen so there is no real competition which can get ugly fast plus Verstappen is basically winning the constructors on his own.
    However if there is a chance other teams get closer next season then Red Bull need to think about how much confidence they have in Perez to act as a good wingman for Verstappen.

  47. Zeppelin84 says:

    A dirty driver. Hope he loses his seat 👍🏻

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