Non-controlled operations – the RFDS experience webinar – 26 July 2023

The RFDS operates virtually everywhere in Australia, including many regional and remote aerodromes. So, what better place to get tips on flying in non-controlled airspace?

In this webinar, RFDS Senior Base Pilot Phillip Remilton describes his preparations and decision-making during flight, including how he approaches risk. Hosted by CASA Aviation Safety Advisor, Tim Penney, who provides a succinct overview of the radio calls you must and should make around a non-controlled aerodrome.


One Reply to “Non-controlled operations – the RFDS experience webinar – 26 July 2023”

  1. No mention at all of straight in approaches rules and risks, nor mandatory calls at 10nm and 3nm straight in. Shame the guest has to compete for time, with that pathetic host.

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