Notre Dame Football Call In/Chat☘️Camp/UA/Con Re-Alignment/Greenout

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7 Replies to “Notre Dame Football Call In/Chat☘️Camp/UA/Con Re-Alignment/Greenout”

  1. Chi Tsang says:

    ND national champion

  2. BackBay22 says:

    Kelly had three 5 loss seasons and one 8 loss season. This idea that MF is on the hot seat is weird to me?

  3. Drunk Viggo says:

    Johnny you would be listening to Wu Tang in the parking lot bro. The wine and cheese crowd wouldn't be able to handle it.

  4. BillytheKid says:

    I truly feel for John because he honestly thinks Notre Dame has a shot at beating Ohio State.
    I like Sam Hartman but how much better is gonna be than the little guy was last year?
    Pyne QB rating/efficiency was 155.3 which is pretty good
    Sam Hartmans best is 159.4, avg. 144.9

    Notre Dame's 10 yr 100 mill is good but it's less than Michigan's 11 yr 127 mill which was signed 7 years ago.
    But Jack's grandson works at UA so…
    Texas and Ohio State's deals are massive but long 15 years 250 mill

  5. John I love the new openings to the Always Irish videos. The chopped up podcast highlights are awesome and hilarious!
    Always Irish Always Good Work!

  6. itsMitch says:

    I've got 3 kids and can confirm UA is popular. Nike is too, but UA is right up there with them.

  7. Jacob Guy says:

    Not a Notre Dame fan bit I love this guy's energy 👏

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