90% Of Golfers Start The Golf Swing COMPLETELY WRONG

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25 Replies to “90% Of Golfers Start The Golf Swing COMPLETELY WRONG”

  1. Another excellent video! I think that you explain the golf swing better than any coach that I have found on Youtube. I am a high school teacher and love your teaching style!

  2. Ray Rapp says:

    Thanks Eric, just spent an hour in the practice nets with a glove under my lead armpit even though it was pissing down! However, I feel as if my arms come too much on the inside. Tried lifting my arms up halfway through my backswing which provided slightly better results.

  3. great content Eric, thank you for this

  4. Tom Kelley says:

    Wouldn't this whole lesson have been a bit more straightforward if the mantra included "Keep your lead arm fairly firm/straight – Don't fold up the lead arm in the take-a-way. The take-a-way has to be "low and slow – and a bit inside" -the rest [keeping connected to the pec/body becomes much more easy and clear!]

  5. steeler7588 says:

    Are you fully booked for in person lessons? Website doesn't show any availability

  6. I’ve watched A LOT of golf tutorial videos and you are by far the best, Eric. I can’t believe they’re actually free 😂👌🏼. If you’re ever in the U.K. I’d love a lesson 🏌🏼‍♂️

  7. Fantastic video!! Thank you so much for posting it.

  8. Mar New says:

    Thanks Eric, great content as always..

  9. Gary Kirkner says:

    Eric, awesome video. A simple approach that clears up many backswing questions and faults! Thank You!

  10. Drew Spinoso says:

    This concept is so important for good contact.
    This took me the longest to figure out.

  11. Ugly Golf says:

    Love it 😊 👍🏼

  12. Brad Schrunk says:

    That is one good looking swing.

  13. This is something I’ve always struggled with and have worked on with my instructor. I would always over rotate my left forearm and move the arms away from my body. Once I fixed this I massively improved my swing.

  14. Clear and detailed. I was a high school teacher and teacher instructor all my career. You have nailed the art of reinforcing the critical points. I recognise the feelings you describe when I play well and the disconnect when I don't. Thank you!

  15. Is there any golf drills (or videos) I can do to stop my lead elbow bending in my back swing?

    Ive watched dozens upon dozens upon dozens of videos from numerous people and everybody keeps their lead arm perfectly straight and then about 60-70% of the backswing the trail elbow bends whilst their lead arm stays straight with no elbow bend

    I cannot do this for the life of me.

    At 40-50% of my backswing both my elbows just buckle and bend and I can't stop myself from doing it

    Its driving me mad

  16. Tom says:

    Brilliant stuff Eric! Can’t wait to try this at the range. If I recall, you’ve also talked about that same feeling of pressing the lead arm against the chest (as much if not slightly more) in the downswing as a way to keep your upper body and shoulders from getting ahead of the lower body through impact. Does this still hold true?

  17. Dave Cohn says:

    Simple trick
    Cut an old credit card in half and place it deep inside your lead arm pit
    Don’t drop the credit card in the first half of the backswing

  18. Dave says:

    Eric, i 've never seen you talk about your left foot after impact. you always literally roll on to the side of your shoes. your toes pointed up and you're rolling over to the side of your shoe. love to hear you talk about this component.

  19. Roger Newton says:

    Great lesson Eric. Got to stay connected.

  20. Craig Peplin says:

    So I stumbled across this inside tight left arm concept a couple of weeks ago. I think it came from Arnold Palmer discussion early years someone told him this but he never got it until after his 50's… 'Secret to the golf swing' left arm in tight. I've been golfing 25+ years, I had 2 of the 3 swing keys down… didn't realize I was missing this. I've always had a short (1/2) swing, easy tempo… but when I added this take back (BTW, I heard this 3 to 4 other times, but your explanation is by far the clearest and easiest to understand!) watching your video, I could litterally feel each of your shots…. Long story short. my last round I had 5 birdies, I never hit my irons more on target, cleaner and straigher! This is a golden nugget to the swing if folks can get it!!! I won my first Golfweek am B flight event last week, and I've litterally never been on in regulation more! I hit a personal best 12 during the tournament! I"m sure I'd seen your video before (I'm a youtube golf instruction junkie!) but had I known and applied this, I'd be miles better by now…. Golfers need to pay close attention to this! the game has become so much easier and fun! THANKS for the great tips!!!

  21. Excellent video that will lead to better contact and ball striking …. Thank you Eric

  22. That rolling takeaway plagued me for years, really difficult to break that habit, spent hours in the first lockdown practicing club outside hands on takeaway. But even now old habits die hard, still occasionally roll it, and hit a bad shot. But at least i know what caused it. Excellent video Eric

  23. John P. says:

    Great video as always

  24. Yep my shoulder goes way out, thanks! Man I quit playing when I was 15, didn't have YouTube back then, if I had all this stuff maybe I wouldn't have! This stuff, the hip stuff, makes my swing feel healthy, like martial arts does for me, cheers

  25. Daveyboy024 says:

    Love the content. Keep up the good work.

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