OptiShot 2 Durability

Test out the durability of the OptiShot golf simulator. Comparing the thin and thick turf options.


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  1. Terry Davis says:

    Yes as David stated if you don’t have the device in the formulates mat then you will need to choke down on the club to balance the depth of you feet below the pad. You will be okay I’ve had mine since 2011 and she is still going strong knock on wood lol…. Thinking of upgrading to the Orbit

  2. CADFIRE says:

    I bought the thicker hitting pad and it lasted one full round of golf (4 players) and was completely destroyed and unusable after. Tried using a thinner layer of artificial grass on top of a layer of foam which worked fairly well however I need to find a better way to adhere the grass pad to the foam; i used Velcro but the backing on the turf is rough so adhesion is a issue and a ""fat" shot will strip the turf from the sensor entirely and with each one of these, the turf has less and less adhesion.

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Bought and Optishot on Ebay recently. Works fine, but I really worried about the pad. I hit in my garage. Built a 3X5 raised stance mat with a hole to hold the Optishot. Put a 1/2 inch gym floor pad under to help a little. Still a few bad wacks over the two weeks and the pad is ripping in 2 places. So I've pulled off the original pad, and covered the unit with a regular 1 foot by 2 foot hitting pad I use outside. I had to cut the holes for the sensors of course. This pad has a durable rubber bottom, but I'm not sure I won't be ripping the turf off when I fat the front sensor area. At any rate this should work for a while, and when Father's Day rolls around, I can get the kids to get one of those thick pads if I can't find a great cheap solution.

    Update: Been playing with the more durable mat for a while now. It has held up well. I am using foam balls, so when I tee upI just use bottle caps. I didn't want to puncture a hole where most of the abuse happens.

  4. Jim Cole says:

    Good point. I was looking at this model and was wondering about off shots hitting the sensors. Then my other issue was it reads the club so you don’t know if your shots will have a good ball flight or not. I would like to know if my shot that feels good has good ball flight and direction. With this did that. Good review

  5. Doug Johnson says:

    Iwho cares what you think,,,, I don't!

  6. Jack 118 says:

    I’m looking at a similar set up. Do you find the natural light effects your optishot or does it seem to work well? Thanks for the helpful clip!

  7. Pat Cronin says:

    Surprised you didn't get DJ to help you with this one.

  8. NickDoesGolf says:

    Seems like a decent bit of kit to use!

  9. You might also want to ensure that you feet are positioned at the same level as the ball on the Optishot mat. If you don’t you’ll gain muscle memory of a ball above you feet and end up chunking or thinning it out on the course (even more than usual!).

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