OTB Tour Skins #100 | B9 | European Open

OTB Tour Skins #100 | B9 | at European Open in Nokia,Finland

Skins Rules:

Each hole is worth 1 Skin
Each skin is worth $100
Players must win the hole outright to win the skins
If 2 players score the same on the hole the current skins push to the next hole

Hosted by Luke Humphries

Brodie Smith
Eagle McMahon
Niklas Anttila
Väinö Mäkelä

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49 Replies to “OTB Tour Skins #100 | B9 | European Open”

  1. mikko takalo says:

    you all remember Beavis and Butt-Head? So listen Niklas Anttila laughing 🤣🤘

  2. Brodie, go to a golf pro shop for your umbrellas, like Eagle!

  3. Todd Rousch says:

    Let's go Ken Climo! Wouldn't feel right without Stokley and Shultz and Feldberg though…

  4. Todd Rousch says:

    @GKProDiscGolf – Someone (not pointing any fingers) forgot to proof read the final results for this #100 episode 42:29

    Niklas – 7 $700
    Eagle – 6 $800
    Vaino – 4 $400
    Brodie – 1 $400

  5. Akseli M says:

    Hole 16 really let me down. Should have been a penalty that no-one played for the eagle.

  6. 23:47 Name of the girl Eagle's talking about is Ida Emilie Nesse, she's so good. Cool story with the clinic, too! Oh, and get Climo on. Would be one for the ages. He deserves some air time.

  7. Harpo says:

    12:40 "walked into the casino, put 400 euros down on black, pulled the lever, came out triple sevens." I didn't know roulette had levers, or a screen to display triple sevens lol

  8. Climo pleeeeeaaaassseeeee

  9. PWheat23 says:

    Thanks for bringing us 100 episodes of entertainment!

  10. T Puryear says:

    Great Great round. So fun to watch. Love the stats game between putts. Happy #100.

  11. Kenny. Schultz McCray and schwebby

  12. I'd like to see a TRULY ooooold school line-up. Climo, Schultz, Stokely, and Steve Rico. Something like that would be epic in my opinion.

  13. Bring back the old intro….that theme song is fire!!!

  14. i can feel brodies back pain watching this

  15. Sean Binder says:

    I'd love to see Ken on Skins!!!

  16. Jacob Porter says:

    Kenny on Skins would be amazing. Get him and Feldberg again or him and Uli please

  17. We want to see the Champ.

  18. Matt Quick says:

    I want to see Kenny on any disc golf coverage, but especially skins!

  19. We absolutely NEED the champ on the USDGC Skins! Would be so huge for the sport. A skins card with McBeth and Climo??? Sign me up

  20. CLIMO. Yes, yes, yes. I think you put him against Stokely (foot fault), McBeth (Goat battle), and Gannon (the new blood who also won USDGC). Do it at USDGC!

  21. What are those results at the end😂

  22. Big Rick says:

    Bring Ken Back!

  23. Aidan says:

    Would love to see Kenny on skins.

  24. Mr 1ply says:

    Climo!!! Should talk to Barry Schultz too. Be really cool to have them both on. Epic battle of old.

  25. KronicVibes says:

    What’s up with the results it only showed 6 skins?

  26. OBH says:

    Most skins has to be KJ, if not it’s Calvin!

  27. Ghostrunner says:

    Got to get Stokely on with Climo. Would get some fireworks.

  28. Peter Raggi says:

    Get tha Champ in there!!!🍻

  29. Scott Stockley I feel like he won the most

  30. Raleigh Rich says:

    Great 100th episode! 👍
    Did anyone notice the skin totals at the end didn't match the actual real total skin money that each player won at the end? That was weird & usually doesn't happen.

  31. DelPlays says:

    6:47 Welcome to Finland, I can't speak on behalf of all finns out there.. But I personally would've done the same if I had a good umbrella ready to go and heard Brodie talk about his own too small umbrella moments before.

    We do have a "Kaveria jeesataan aina" attitude here, as in.. If you can help someone, most Finnish people would do it without a hesitation

  32. Aither says:

    18:48 fyi Eagle was not the only one with a NEW Cougar and the "everyone" with mach E's was pretty much just the Finnish heroes Niklas and Väinö, who seem to have them as long term loaners*.. (* I dunno of the exact deal behind them having the cars)

  33. Toni P says:

    Väinö cursing like trucker in Finnish 😀 😀

  34. I met ken at his home course cliff Stevens and started playing after that

  35. You can so tell Brodie has only been playing for a few years 🥏

  36. Bobby Bobman says:

    Kc kc kc kc pleassssse

  37. DiscJunkies says:

    We want Ken Climo 100% the True Champ!!!

  38. tj gi says:

    definitely want to see The Champ on Skins. Maybe get Simon too while you're at it?

  39. Daniel B says:

    Please bring the Champ!

  40. Paul ulibarri 17 skins

  41. Dam telling how much money they won tha IRS be Frisbee fans too 😮

  42. TheTailors1 says:

    Like for Ken Climo!!!

  43. Ami Penguin says:

    Most skins= Calvin Haimborg 31 skins

  44. salimoneus says:

    cool event, thanks for the coverage.

    but it's skins #100 and only 139 distinct players? yall need to spread the love a bit more dontcha think?

    and you guys really need to get more girl players on the program. it's super super heavily male biased.

    please address these issues.

  45. Preston Rowe says:

    Bring the grand Master to a Skins match! Come on Climo!

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