Our Brand New Shelby Super Snake Is Broke In And Dangerous!

We bought a brand new Shelby super snake and we couldn’t fully test it without breaking it in properly. We went on a 1500 mile road trip just to get enough miles before the first oil change. It was well worth it!!! Thanks For Watching!!!


39 Replies to “Our Brand New Shelby Super Snake Is Broke In And Dangerous!”

  1. L.J.R. says:

    1500 mile break in?

  2. After you finish hurting that truck can I have it. I can’t afford one lol

  3. Luis Toledo says:

    Absolutely LOVE your attitude mostly when you were dealt with Authority! You're an EXCELLENT example of being kind and understanding!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on being an excellent YouTube figure,,,,,,I am an official SUBSCRIBER and will spread the word!!!!! God Bless!!!!!!

  4. TrayneTracks says:

    I’ve never seen anyone more happy 24/7 than these guys.

  5. Amisto21 says:

    The whine 😥😥

  6. Shelby truck is the most beautiful awesome truck built

  7. Jesus Garcia says:

    The definition of drive it like u stole it.

  8. Keep up the good work guys fuck the haters. They are just jealous. They can't do what you'll do.

  9. codsac says:

    trying to burn up transmisson. any luck yet

  10. hi jamil says:

    I am the first Arab subscriber for a long time, and I watch all of yours videos. Isn't there a gift car for me? I hope followers do like my comment👍

  11. larry nelson says:

    Well now i know where the home of the dudes are. Its Tennessee

  12. Tribbatrot says:

    Are you able to throw it on the hoist and video the suspension mods it has? I was told it has a ridetech lowering kit and would like to see it if possible.

  13. MicahMcroy20 says:

    gets a speeding ticket for going 88 and then it cuts to the montage and he was going 88 again…

  14. Do an antenna delete sir

  15. Signguy808 says:

    The hate on this channel in the comments is ridiculous. If you don't like it just move on. Instead you comment and help their algorithm 😂

  16. Brendon XG says:

    Congratulations guys ❤

  17. kelley coon says:

    Should always be checking your mirrors for 👮‍♀️

  18. This video will be evidence in a trial one day.

  19. Just because it'll do it don't mean you have too. Nice truck though.

  20. JJ Amaya says:

    I’m a ford tech and have had the pleasure to service two of these and man they’re so sick

  21. Put suspension ,borla exhaust and rotiforms and it’ll be just right

  22. Nano says:

    How heavy is that boat, is it like same weight as two cars, id love to tow around at least a car and some wheels

  23. Nano says:

    The 5.0 is lucky

  24. B-rad B says:

    Serious Goons! I was kinda hoping the boat would fall off the trailer and slide down the road into a power line🎉

  25. You guys need to watch your videos from years ago. Simply built!.

  26. gets a ticket…proceedes to speed again lol

  27. ahhhh to be rich ………

  28. u forgot to ppf it 😢

  29. Cboystv’s trx had the same problem

  30. Tom Walter says:

    Sad this channel has gone ghetto, get back to fixing

  31. what part of florida did you stay in?

  32. wow, i have to say; at first i was thinking its just another of these "spruced" up trucks. nyeh! i have never been a believer of these trucks since back in the day, till this vid. wow. i want one, what a Truck.! great vid guys, been a while since i have commented. great vid, great truck. i saw that white car myself watching, cant imagine the heart pumping driving. nice.

  33. George Quinn says:

    I live in the panhandle of Florida and if you guys wanna fish next time down here lmk I’ll hook you up or take you and the family ❤

  34. Build a little ls 6.0 cat aye 2 wheel drive it will burn and drift and you could also put some slicks and a turbo on it

  35. that's what i am waiting for

  36. Next video, replacing tires.

  37. Jewel Dey says:

    Radar detector! Keep it with your car keys and or wallet (especially if you have multiple cars). Never drive without it. Powerful cars are to big a temptation to driver sensibly. So be honest about your driving habits and protect yourself.

  38. Maj Gray says:


  39. Jasso Freddy says:

    Poor truck 🥴🥴🥴

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