Pete Cowen Driving Tip

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  1. Robert Haar says:

    He means because the backswing with the driver is more rounded and rotational, the tendency is to rotate with the upper body too soon in the downswing coming over the top and pull hooking the ball.

  2. Good on you sir….
    Thanks much …
    Enjoy your day…⛳️🏌🏻‍♂️💰😊

  3. Kyle Franks says:

    So that's why I've been spraying my drives!

  4. MRJSP says:

    Simple as that eh, easy game golf is isn't it.

  5. Being“ into delivery much earlier, and than……“. It is all very simple….“ . This is the critical issue of the driver swing dear Mr Cowan andUnfortunately it is not very simple. Proof is that the majority of all players do it wrong. It would be great if you could elaborate a little bit more on this crucial issue of the drivers wing

  6. Geo Jor says:

    never could get any simplicity out of his so-called teaching, ugh !

  7. rono8275 says:

    How far do you drop your arms before rotating and how accurately can you repeat that exact amount? If you're off by fractions of an inch, the shot will be other than what you desire.

  8. Michael Dodd says:

    Not enough context to this short video !

  9. Probably the best and useful driver explanation considering it's been confused for a couple years now with all the driver tips you see on YouTube.

  10. NeilG says:

    “Simple as that” absolute gold, excellent!

  11. R L says:

    I don't know, I've been binge watching videos by this guy. He's described as the greatest golf coach of all time. He's a poor instructor really. I mean he knows how to swing a club, no doubt, but he can't impart the mechanics of the swings to the masses. It's as simple as that. Perhaps he's the greatest with just the greatest players.

  12. Respect says:

    What the fuck did he just say…simple as that…fuck off

  13. Translation: The driver shaft is longer and it needs more time to whip around the hands so you need to drop your hands down further back.

    Biomechanically the lifting of the back foot during the downswing limits and releases the hips. To understand this just swing your body with feet flat on the ground and feet squared to target—hip rotation is limited to 45° closed in the backswing and 45° open in the finish until you lift the back heel off the ground.

    In the swing to the top the hips hitting the resistance of the squared back foot is what causes the club head mass to fly up and then forward, which pulls the lead lever arm into the chest and pulls the shoulders past hips until they meet the resistance of the core muscles. Pinning the lead arm to the chest like that in the backswing is what loads it and allows it to fly off the chest like the lever arm of a catapult in the downswing.

    What triggers the the lead arm to fly off the chest in the downswing is the hips meeting resistance from the planted front foot just as they reach 45° open and bring the lagging shoulders back just past parallel (i.e. slightly open) to the target line. By then the tilt and side bending of the spine has dropped the hands and shallowed out the path of the club and the club shaft as swung around hand back to level with ground as in the takeaway extension where the force of gravity act on it without the hand getting in the way.

    The coordination of the hips stopping and also slowing down the shoulders and hands just as gravity can act to pull the club down to the ground is what triggers the club head mass to whip around the hands at the same time the mass if the lead arm flies off the chest. The mass in the lead arm being whipped down and towards target also pulls the the club head mass which is whipping down around the hands towards the target in a dual lever action which is similar to how a Trebuchet functions.

    A Trebuchet differs from a Catapult by having the projectile hang in a sling from the lever arm. In the golf downswing the lever arm is the lead arm, the sling is the shaft of the club and the projectile is the club head mass which swings around the primary lever arm into the ball instead of being flung out of the sling. A Trebuchet can fire a rock further than a catapult with less effort cocking it because whipping it around the lever arm accelerates it more and the same is true of striking force in a golf shot if the golfer learns to coordinate the hips ‘hitting the wall’ which triggers the the lead arm to fly off the chest and the club head to whip down around the hands with the lifting of the back foot to allow the lead arm to fly towards the target and drag the club head in the same direction instead of whipping to the left which gets the hands too far forward and too far around the body which causes slices when hands push face open or snap hooks when hands turn over too soon before ball leaves the face due to hips getting stuck and blocked to the right.

    I learned the cause and effect watching videos of Hogan’s swings frame by frame paying attention to how his hips, shoulders, hands, back foot and club head moved and realized why he angled his front foot 22°. It is because the angle of the front foot controls how much the hips can rotate open before the back foot is lifted. Trying to emulate what I was seeing by keeping the back foot on the ground longer than I had been I experienced the feeling of hips hitting wall (i.e. being forced to stop rotating) for the first time in my 20+ years of playing. That’s when I realized that slowing of hips, shoulders and hands caused the club head to whip down around the hands faster resulting in better compression of the ball and more distance than I had been getting with a sweeping swing.

    Experimenting with keeping the back foot down is when I snapped the head off a club for the first time because if the hips, shoulders and hands slow down abruptly the club mass whipping forward bends the shaft forward ( to the point of failure. I discovered with more experimentation the maximum force was generated when allowing the hips to get stuck (via grounded back foot) just long enough to feel the shaft bending forward but then releasing the back foot so hips, shoulders and hands could catch up which takes the forward bend out of the shaft.

  14. this is the crucial moment and the crucial movement. Please elaborate a bit more on this. It is not as simple as that unfortunately. for example: do you only let drop your arms before turning around or are you throwing your arms catapult style back and down? ( holy grail, Mike Austin, Alex Elliot and others?)

  15. BigShort says:

    Easy when you know how!

  16. Bill Golfer says:

    where did this guy find his terminology? Load the shoulders, deliver the arms? swing this way and that way? WTF? how does that explain anything? He must be better in person cuz this is just a big ego talking not really breaking it down or using proper terms that todays players can understand

  17. Showtime says:

    Simple as that eh mate

  18. A Man says:

    He is saying… well I'm not gonna interpret, listen to what he says lol

  19. MrAbrazor says:

    Keep the hands low …

  20. Reckoner says:

    The comments on this are hilarious, with the exception of a couple of blokes who own up to not having a clue what he’s talking about.

  21. TheStig says:

    Nothing simple if it was we all would be pros

  22. RC says:

    “Simple as that” 🤪

  23. ducatidad says:

    Makes no sense whatsoever 🤪

  24. Pete is saying flatten your plane with the driver. Simple enough. Cheers, mate.

  25. Who’s he talking to? Stenson?

  26. 4Stanzas says:

    "Simple as that."

    It's like he's trying to speak to me, I know it.

  27. mrgerrytube says:

    Hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about

  28. Niguel says:

    Simple as that!

  29. He should be working in the snack shop

  30. Rua Toomey says:

    01010111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000

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