Peter Finchs’ new FAVOURITE course?! + A Fairway Down Update! | Rough Cut Golf Podcast 035

0:00 Intro
1:30 Peter Finch is well into his cycle now!
5:59 Pete has a new favourite golf course
11:27 Pete has no golf clubs!
15:00 We have played a subscriber for a brand new set of clubs!
16:18 Now we are in Tain, near Royal Dornoch
23:32 Where are we going next?
31:15 Pete has been listening to all the audiobooks
34:16 Bryson DeChambeau with a 58!
37:37 Celine Boutier goes back-to-back!
39:00 Will Justin Thomas make the Ryder Cup?
47:00 We have filmed a epic Ryder Cup video that will be out soon
48:26 Pete is already struggling!
50:32 Pete is not a fan of Ice Baths…
53:52 He goes on a rant…

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13 Replies to “Peter Finchs’ new FAVOURITE course?! + A Fairway Down Update! | Rough Cut Golf Podcast 035”

  1. cunnerzzz says:

    The rant at the end was absolutely brilliant and totally echoed by me! Absolutely one of the best podcasts i've listened to, i'd be delighted if it was just these three going forwards, the chemistry is so on point and they don't feel the need to talk over each other. Good luck on the upcoming days guys, very much excited for the content!

  2. blake morton says:

    Great quality bibs shorts are worth it. Its like putting with a Scottish Cameron vs a Ben sayers 6.

  3. baba styler says:

    You should have definetly played royal dornoch and castle stewart both amazing

  4. joelafives says:

    Pete at 91 – "Get off my Lawn! (or Line)" 😃 and I use audio books from the Phoenix Digital library. – I check it out for 14 or 21 days and its FREE. Perhaps your local Library does the same? Bryson for the the Ryder Cup!

  5. My only trip to UK my wife and I played dornoch , Brora and Tain. It was definitely our favorite area for food and people. The course at Brora was our favorite , I needed a bogie to break 80. H 29:01 it it over the back 2 chipped leaving me a 8 ft putt that i missed. James braid is an amazing architect, I could play that course for a lifetime, plus the staff was our favorite too.

  6. brubeck67 says:

    Jacob, an Ipswich fan?!?!?! Quality. A couple of rides in and your bum should numb out Pete 🤣Keep it up!

  7. Please come to 🇫🇮! Cold water (well… today by my summer cottage it’s 21C…) straight from 90C sauna! Keep on pushing Pete and the team -amazing effort!

  8. tx52dave says:

    I thoroughly enjoy the podcast, and this episode was no exception. As an American, I find that every now and again I can't quite understand a word or phrase. Surprisingly, chaging the playback speed to 1.25X really helps with that.

  9. Kieran looks like Zach Johnson in that hat

  10. Ohhh wow … statement that LIV it is not competitive because there is not a cut … wow. Do I sense some PGA maximism here? One minute feature in the Podcast about the BDC win … would that happen if Rory was part of LIV. Ohhh I almost forgot … indirectly it's all under one umbrella now. 🤣
    But hey, … love the Peter Finch vids and style and amazing swing. I will give you all time to adjust to the changing world in golf … and see the light. 🤣
    Keep it going🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  11. Chris Bacon says:

    Broras stunning regardless of weather, and Jim is a legend of Thurso ⛳️☄️🏌️‍♂️ keep going Pete 🚴‍♀️💨 awesome work guys

  12. John Bray says:

    Had the absolute pleasure of meeting him at Brora, chatted for about 10 minutes and he couldn't have been nicer ,good luck in the rest of your journey

  13. Keep going guys! Hopefully see you in preston!

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