What the hell! I am not surprised that Phil Mickelson has gone a rampage! Phil Mickelson didn’t appear too pleased with the latest developments between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, in fact, he has gone a rampage and I don’t blame him. There has been so much talk about the liv golf merger, liv golf, liv golf tour, pga tour, pga tour merger but it is really hotting up!

It’s fair to say that Phil Mickelson certainly isn’t a fan of the latest developments in the PGA Tour/LIV Golf drama!! And he hasn’t held back, but neither have a number golf fans all over the world as they took to social media to voice their opinions!

Find out exactly what has happened in todays breaking golf news story!

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  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    What do you think? Do you agree?

  2. Adrian Rice says:

    DJ walked out on a contract with the RBC open just before it began to switch over to LIV , he is slime and should never be allowed back onto PGA . IMO of course 🙂

  3. Chris Lewis says:

    This is NOT A MERGER. It is a joint venture. The PGA Tour will continue, LIV will continue. Very few if any LIV players will return to the PGA Tour. The two tours will continue and players will come together for the 4 majors and probably 4 extra events sitting outside the two tours. The main negotiating points are how players qualify for these 4+4 events and how players move from PGA Tour to LIV. I think a few players will go to DP World and they will be welcomed back with a little slap on the wrist.

  4. Fingaz says:

    The PGA tour is a business. I'm on their side. They were attacked by a group trying to take over their business and the players are annoyed that their old bosses don't want them back? I wasn't a fan of LIV from the start.

  5. Phil is all about himself. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that he partakes in this liv venture for other players’ benefits 🤪

  6. Tommy Hines says:

    Why would you go back to qualifying school. They made millions playing LIV. They don”t have to play. I do have a question. Does LIV still honor players contracts?

  7. 7501482 says:

    No Way Q school or anything like

  8. StealthMako says:

    This is the PGA's plan to "bring golf together"? the PGA has already punished these guys though their control of the OWGR points.

  9. ok this is how it should go down .pga should have teAM FORMATE C OMBINED With the majors jacks or tigers tourns .welcome all pga a players .to liv with on penality execpt for bad weather liv should ditch the shot gun start. to hard to follow.a true merger would not penalize anyone .how silly.

  10. enkourage says:


  11. DanKview says:

    Apparently "Never Forget" had an expiration date. Eff the PGA and eff LIV. Not watching any of it anymore until the Sauds are kicked to the curb. Sucks because I love watching golf but at the end of the day it's just a sport and sports aren't reality, they are a distraction, and there are plenty of better distractions, including just going golfing myself.

  12. Jeff D says:

    Why would they have to pay a fine or go to Q school?/ Seems dumb/jackassed to me

  13. Slow down !!!
    "Coin free toe" that's you. You said that. Korn Ferry Tour does not = a Coin free toe, or even a some Corn Freetos . So… . . . . . .

  14. There shouldn’t be a deal in the first place.

  15. Punishing players having to come back to the PGA Tour after the merger is stupid. When two companies merge you never punish one set of employees over the other because it creates bad blood in the new entity. Besides, if anyone would be punished it would be the PGA Tour players. They have been acquired by PIF not the over way around. The entity with the most capital always is the buyer. This is just another example of Monahan showing that he should not be in charge of any league.

  16. j1m1nyC says:

    I would have thought that they could come up with something better than ending up with PGA tour and LIV existing side by side. The PGA tour has too many events and LIV's team thing just seems like calling it a team for the sake of it. Why are the teams never teeing it up together Ryder cup style? Why does it not function more like an actual league? With all the money that's going into the sport, I hope they can be more creative. As for sanctions, I don't think comments merit sanctions but legal action does.

  17. Jeff Cornish says:

    What about the people who made it to the tour this year and now are going to be bumped out by guys who quit? I have no sympathy for quitters. I disagree with you.

  18. what your forgetting is LIV golfers dont want to play in the PGA thats why they left

  19. Chevy 4x4 says:

    Liv players play for more prize money in liv events than what the majors pay. A liv tournament pays double of most pga tour events. Sure a liv player may play an occasional event on pga tour perhaps. I anticipate, 15 liv, 4 majors and a Ryder cup will keep these golfers busy enough. The days of tour pros playing 40 weeks a year are over

  20. Craig Moy says:

    A lot of weed smokin and delusions of grandeur here….. the PGAT needs the names back at least at some of their events, putting a barrier back in front of DJ or Gooch to appear in a PGAT event when they bring fame is just a laugh. Phil is right nobody on LIV really has interest in going back, particularly if they got OWGR to add to Majors rights. There are 2 realities only 2 realities from here, one LIV becomes the raised tour within the tour as Norman envisioned 30 years ago (60 man fields combining best of both tours) or the worst outcome now Dunne/Jay have shown their hand, no merger happens and LIV take a further 20 or so stars and ultimately fans get to pick what they watch 80% of the stars on LIV on shotgun events, or Rory cleaning up against fields that rival KF……

  21. There needs to be a global pga your like the ATP in Tennis.

    I agree with Rory. Give Europe 7 tournaments. Also give a few to Asia. 1 to Australia/New Zealand, 1 to Africa, and boom a world tour!

  22. Doesn’t LIV have contracts for the next 2 or 3 years and if so not much will change ATM good luck to the Pga tour

  23. Rob Balmer says:

    The ridiculous thing about the PGA Tour is that they actually think they are the “winners” in this whole saga. Talking about penalties for LIV players assumes that the LIV players did something wrong. The truth is, the players that stayed loyal to the PGA Tour are the big losers in all of this. The PGA Tour can talk tough all they like, but there is no way the PIF are going to allow the LIV players to be penalised in any way. Equally, LIV is not going anywhere. So I don’t see any LIV players even wanting to go back to the PGA Tour. They’ll all just tell Monaghan and his cronies to bugger off!
    What I see happening is the creation of a new system of ranking points which will recognise LIV events and then there will be PGA players lining up to join LIV. That’s what Mickelson is referring to with respect to the reverse fines on PGA tour players joining LIV.

  24. Dantdm 2 says:

    PIF are letting Monaghan hang himself

  25. Q school for these top players ! These player have long proved their respective Abilities.

  26. Paul Thomson says:

    PGA sold their souls to the devil it will come back to haunt them and it will not end well

  27. Anthony Layt says:

    Why would LIV players return to the PGA Tour? Outside of LIV, they only care about the majors. It makes no sense for them to return to the tour they left voluntarily. Top players on PGA have already received benefits from higher purses and PIP money. It’s the players on the bubble that might need some compensation if they are pushed out. In merger speak, they are being made redundant in NewCo. But they should not receive compensation for not going (they took no risk).

  28. Steve marsh says:

    Get rid of monahan and his petty mind

  29. Graeme May says:

    Penalising players, by forcing them to play for next to nothing just to kiss the PGAs arse is awful pr for the PGA. It is a bit like constructive dismissal to a normal person. The PGA, USGA & RA are so out of touch with the real world – they are all a disgrace. When you watch tournaments, you want to see the cream of the worlds talent.

  30. Peter Yates says:

    Apart from the majors…professional golf as we know it is dead

  31. Anonymous says:

    Making LIV pay an additional "charity fund" is one thing, after all, LIV is you new partner – but making individual players pay a penalty is anti-1st amendment, anti-free market and just plain pathetic like a some kind of scorned lover. This isn't 3rd grade, there are no "give backs" – NO LIV golfer is going to pay a penalty to the PGA when they can keep playing LIV and getting paid to increase their golf life expectancy. (If you don't think playing 3 days is 25% better than the alternative you haven't been watching the med reports on back/wrist/hand, etc injuries.) If the PGA wants the "best" in golf they need to sweeten the deal, step one, say goodbye to Monahan.

  32. a bunch of petty little crybabies! LIV was the only thing good forcing the PGA to step up and become a better group to work for! If the only reason bottom level players are on the list is because these players made a business decision that was better for them and you hire them back I guess the bottom of the barrel goes back where they belong lTHE MINOR LEAGUES!!

  33. Gary Davis says:

    PIF has two divisions: Division P and Division L.
    Wth would PIF make Division L players pay a penalty to play in Division P? The problem is, Division P thinks they own golf. Hilarious. Neither Division P nor Division L own golf. Golf is owned by PIF.

  34. Tim Gunter says:

    Did that PIF – PGA announcement ever say the two tours were merging? No.

  35. Lyn Perry says:

    I respect Phil and his stand regarding the PGA. The PGA is thinking like a bully.

  36. Kirby Drake says:

    This is pointless. LIV players don’t care about rankings so they’re not interested in “merging” with PGAT. They are willing to play only exhibition golf and the Majors. Seems as though Monahan wants to force them to play on PGAT – or not play at all. Not happening

  37. Phil is right. PGA players are a bunch of cry babies. boohoo I didn't take the money! wawawa. Buch of idiots specially Rory. Love you Phil don't give in to the fake media who will absolutely go after you.

  38. So every professional athlete should be "punished" for playing in another league. PGA are dickwads

  39. Fines are absolutely STUPID….THEN FINE RORY. JT, BILLY Horshell and others who cried about LIV. PGA TOUR needs PIF, not vice versa

  40. Rediculous. Makes zero sense and the tour has no basis to force players to go to Q-school or penalise them in any way for that matter. These players went to go play on another tour concurrently while also playing certain events on the PGA Tour. The LIV schedule was put together exactly to avoid clashes with the bigger events effectively hosting events that coincided with PGA events that top players they were targeting, would anyway have skipped. Then came the PGA tour and outright banned every player that teed up in the first LIV event like the bully monopoly they are. These players did not choose to quit the PGA, they were forced to by the PGA.

    The PGA should be lucky to have them back, let alone penalize them. Having them back will improve their product, the exact reason they pissed their pants when they left because the PGA product became watered down.

    The PGA leadership is a joke. How can you propose a merger because you need the money and the players, but then try dictate joining criteria on them?? Laughable.

  41. The thing I have not heard of read in all of this is that Phil Michelson has an F-ing lifetime exemption into the pga tour.
    Gooch has been playing some of the best golf in the ENTIRE world, and honestly his comments were not even that strong. He was more enthusiastic about LIv than hating on the Tour, not that the tour leads sod not deserve it as we all eventually learned. Hindsight is 2o-20.
    Pat Perez is Pat Perez. He has made many strong comments in his career. And again in hindsight the pga tour leadership deserved the criticism.

    Everyone is in a better position thanks to these brave players. En are the pga tour players going to realize this and make clear they do not want anyone to be punished in any way.

    Many Liv players clearly will not be in the pga tour but everyone should pretty much be place led where they were when they left. For some that may mean korn ferry, others korn ferry playoffs. For some they will not have a spot on the pga tour at all because they never had one.

    But some guys have exemptions, and those should be respected. One Liv player has a lifetime exemption. Regardless if he wants to come back or not, the pga tour should respect that if they truly are all about tradition. Because that is a pretty important tradition.

    And did We mentioned everyone now knows Phil has been correct all along?

  42. holysmoker10 says:

    Your making millions to play fun golf, who doesn’t want that? 😊

    Come back pay your fine, say your sorry and play by the same rules and conditions you left to get away from. 😂

    The PGA doesn’t own the sand box any more, their toys are old and just don’t work anymore. 😢🤬😡

    LIV has won, if you want to survive PGA you better welcome Phil and company back!

  43. Diane Maher says:

    I piss off PGA tour, no one want to play on PGA, I love Liv !!!

  44. Chris C says:

    I think the problem is that the view is that golfers "work for" the PGA when in fact they are actually Independent Contractors, and the real issue is that the PGA refused to treat them as such and allow them the ability to go play on LIV events. Either form a Corp or LLC and pay the players as "Employees" or Call them Independent Contractors and treat them accordingly.

  45. holysmoker10 says:

    I hope it falls apart, the remaining players will jump to LIV, except Tiger, Rory and Juston T

    PGA is dying a slow painful death of a thousand cuts.,

    Fire Jay M

  46. Andy Wood says:

    Phil is the answer to a question no one is interested in. Great golfer but his treatment of Tom Watson in the Ryder cup speaks volumes. Whatever will be when it comes mergers etc. Tiger Woods kept quiet and is the biggest name in golf still.

  47. Ayub Balweel says:

    I don't think this mereger will happen. Once this whole thing falls apart, you'll see a massive amount of PGA's top players moving to LIV and taking the money directly. The PGA won't be able to say anything about it since they were ready to take the Saudi's money them self. That might be LIV plan all along. Well played.

  48. Fully agree with you! No Koran Ferry!

  49. pif have a literal endless supply of money; this feels more like a buy-out than a partnership.

    it's scary times, next we might see the likes of t20 cricket creeping into the game too.

    fireworks and cheerleaders at augusta with just a par three course! hahaha

  50. I don’t see how they can fine players of a rival company when the PGA Tour is merging with the same company. Makes no sense. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

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