Play a Hole With Me (Drivable Par 4!)

Come play this golf hole with me! Can I drive the green?


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47 Replies to “Play a Hole With Me (Drivable Par 4!)”

  1. 777vikingfan says:

    That drive was killer!!!

  2. James Lakes says:

    Love see swing like happy Gilmore 😅😊

  3. John Douglas says:

    A 240 yard par 4?

  4. Guy Soares says:

    I'll take that birdy

  5. Serf says:

    Nice going there – you belong on a street corner

  6. Myron Owen says:

    I would love to play a hole with you Hailey ❤

  7. Travis Rowe says:

    For some reason Im craving cake 🍰


  9. John Marlow says:

    I can watch her play holf all day 😮😮😮 👀 ⛳️

  10. John Hedtke says:

    Who doesn't love Zippers!

  11. Jalloh Osman says:

    Hi Ostrom, say hello to kia,

  12. Steve Reid says:

    Beautiful AZZ drive 🌹

  13. I would like to pick the hole.

  14. I didn't realize that little blonde whvres were so into golf lmao

  15. Vivan says:

    why is her shot so attractive. i’m lowkey folding

  16. I’m still wiping the makeup off my screen….

  17. One can only imagine.

  18. Michael Selk says:

    I’d love for her to work on my putts.

  19. That’s a really easy par 4 Kimberley

  20. As a Happily Married Man , You have a fine form from your take away to Acceleration through impact and an incredible finish. Great Job.

  21. Penick Bell says:

    What course are you playing on. Every whole is like one par higher than it should be

  22. Nobody cares about your golf skills.

  23. Why are you not on tour?

  24. RikMay_93 says:

    Does the top need to unzipped that low? Of course not! but it gets more views!

  25. ⛳🏌️😍😍👏👏👏

  26. Nick Boyd says:

    Haileys swing off the tee with that driver is poetry wow 🤙🏽⛳️

  27. What a shot pretty lady your amazing 😊❤❤❤❤❤

  28. starrboy38 says:

    I hear a Wigeon in the background when you tee off. Very interesting. Nice shot btw.

  29. All I can think about is the wig in the background

  30. My God girl ❤❤❤❤❤

  31. I'll play her holes a few times

  32. Faub says:

    Can I choose the hole?

  33. Loren Henry says:


  34. Chad V says:

    There Isn’t a cuter golfer girl in the world!!

  35. JT says:

    she's playing golf?

  36. Max Smart says:

    Power and elegance behind that swing!!!

  37. Great swing!!✝️👈🏼

  38. So you’re saying 240 is a par 4? Lol

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