Playing Left Handed! Part 2 #golf #shorts

31 Replies to “Playing Left Handed! Part 2 #golf #shorts”

  1. Anthony says:

    Is this course Old Hickory in VA?

  2. You're disgustingly talented

  3. Dustin McCoy says:

    Get a left handed glove and the golf gods will give you the birdie 🐦🐦

  4. Nick McHardy says:

    Bruh the swing speed and the sound from those driver swings aren’t adding up… I don’t wanna say it’s fake but how are you swinging grandpa slow and yet it sounds the exact same as your regular shots? 🤨

  5. A V says:

    Why am I still getting these sh*t boring as plank vids after unsubscribing? YouTube fix yourself

  6. MageGuy says:

    Bro hit driver off the deck better than I hit it off the tee 😭

  7. matt judy says:

    Dude, you might would brat me with your off hand lol

  8. capybara105 says:

    What ball tracker do you use?

  9. Nicky T says:

    Incredible man

  10. Sovq says:

    i’m literally left handed and your so much better than me

  11. The man is better left-handed than I am handed.

    The only solution is to buy new golf clubs

  12. David Bozic says:

    You're doing yourself a disservice by continually making videos. You should be going to Monday qualifiers or minitour events. If I had your natural abilities that is what I'd do. Don't let the pop culture dictate to you. If you do you will just become another victim of it.😺

  13. Why is your glove on your left hand Lefty’s wear there gloves on there right hands lol

  14. Keith Hunter says:

    Your back will appreciate that

  15. As a lefty I speak for the rest of my kind when I say fuck this guy.

    Not really, Ben is awesome, and his girlfriend is real lol fr tho

  16. Kyle Cwynar says:

    It’s bc he doesn’t pause lefty

  17. Dustin McCoy says:

    You're an absolute savage for going DOD opposite side 😂

  18. Jay A says:

    Just happened to roll out in the fairway

  19. Trevor Adams says:

    As a leftie it looks like its time to retire after years of hard work to get to bogey golf….

  20. BM says:

    Swing is sweeeettt for your bad side bro👏🏻 real natural talent 👌🏻

  21. Daniel Munoz says:

    He's better right handed than I am left handed ✋️

  22. Keith O says:

    Love this…full 9 hole left vlog…don't sing it…bring it! Lol keep up the good work

  23. Vu Truong says:

    This guy plays left handed better than I play right handed( but I am lefty) and i have been playing golf over 20 years.

  24. You deserve more subs

  25. Luis Lara says:

    “Not very good” bruh. That’s how I hit right handed and say it’s a good drive 😭😭

  26. Jody Paul says:

    Kind of suspect how you ended up in the middle of the fairway when your tee shot clearly went way right, either in the rough or ob

  27. Tom 54 says:

    Why are there so many divots on the tee when it’s a par 5?

  28. Guapo VR says:

    He’s better left handed than I am right handed 😭

  29. Landen says:

    I’m left handed

  30. ragasha says:

    I'm a lefty, it hurts to watch this because I know he could beat me using my own clubs

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