Playing the BIGGEST POT of my LIFE vs MARIANO! Poker Vlog

Playing the BIGGEST POT of my LIFE vs MARIANO! (JOIN CLUB GG) & And Play with ME!


Thank you all for 22k Subs. This is just the beginning.

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37 Replies to “Playing the BIGGEST POT of my LIFE vs MARIANO! Poker Vlog”

  1. Don Jones says:

    Nick Vitucci the scammer that swindle millions of dollars from people in his real estate Seminars and Con-man of Poker

  2. frshlybaked says:

    Great episode man! Lol the golf vignettes were gold😅

  3. Just that intro made me subscribe 🙌🏼

  4. Glad to see you profit off the session.

  5. Hey, nice win!!! That birdie was beautiful. I love golf. Just you, nature, and a dream of driving a heater in the middle of the fairway. Good times. 💯

  6. Nice birdie putt. You hit it way too hard and she squirmed for sure

  7. Queens holding and the preflop reraise were played perfectly 👍

  8. Alex Leal says:

    Been playing poker for years and never realized A6 of spades is considered a suited wheel Ace 🤯

  9. Anthony poma says:

    When are you coming to Michigan lol

  10. Man do trust fund babies love gambling and golf.

  11. Matt pavey says:

    Parking lot LIZZARD

  12. ChipBleeder says:

    Played me to a fiddle? I think you meant he played you LIKE a fiddle

  13. Anthony M says:

    POKER TACO!!!! ⛳️

  14. Dude. Let me help ur golf swing. Lol I’m in phoenix. Let me know

  15. Better video. Faster pace without all your needless B S.

  16. Frank George says:

    🤣Close to Golf 🤣

  17. AQ called the,Parking lot,hand!
    AK called,walking back to Houston,hand.
    Bc you don’t have a car anymore with AK and you’re all in and loose!

  18. How about rent a golf course forna tourney fpr best ball that culminates in a poker tourney at the clubhouse for profit or charity?

  19. B Austin says:

    Well done fam!!! Your game will translate no matter the stakes! 👍
    *your golf game looks good as well 👌
    PS, maybe golf day "meet-up"? 🤔

  20. nogood says:

    golf and poker. you're getting old

  21. Brandon T says:

    Definitely keep the golf in the vlog

  22. OMC says:

    excellent birdie

  23. 19.k says:

    Make YouTube shorts to get more subs faster

  24. To be honest, I and most others are tired of watching the same 20 people play the nosebleed stakes that only 1 in 13,000,000 poker players will ever play in. I have noticed the up and coming vlogers playing 1-2 up to 5-10 have many many times the views of the vlogs at nosebleed stakes.

  25. Kurt Steven says:

    Let’s get some rounds of golf in!!

  26. germs88us says:

    Yo. If you just started golfing, that’s a pretty good swing. Would love to pick your poker brain and you could pick my golf brain sometime. Love the vids

  27. Good stuff as always! I feel like you got max value with your flush. Pretty easy fold on the river by him…which means you're in a good game lol

  28. loved the hand drawn tracer of the golf shot! lol… made me laugh, enjoy your vlogs Kiran.

  29. Dave Noll says:

    Great tempo on the golf swing!

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