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Find out how one finger can help you add 15 yards to every club in your bag!



  1. Trebor says:

    Really interesting video and going to try this.

    So this slinging action wouldn’t be seen as manipulation and still using gravity if done correctly?

    Also, does your left hand end up cupping or do you rotate through?

  2. JM M says:

    Thanks so much for posting this vital tip Shawn. With all the tutorials out there, you tend to forget the fundamentals. Most golfers don't understand this, and it's such an integral part of the swing. Much Success to you brother 🙏 💯

  3. smokefree08 says:

    I stumbled across this while practicing in my garage with my net setup. I would hit hundreds of balls per day after work, and one day I slid my right index finger up as far as I could and hooked it. Improved my swing speed and my ball striking significantly.

  4. David Yu says:

    Late to the game here!! For the right index finger, I never even considered that could be a potential problem. If I leave that space between my index finger and the other fingers, could that help fix my chicken wing on impact? Thank you

  5. Will says:

    Ridiculously good demonstration

  6. Started to realize this with chip shots so wanted to see what you had to say with just through the bag. If I want to get elevation on a chip shot and flight it what flights it is all the trail trigger finger pushing into the grip of the club keeping the club from getting “lag”. I think lag is good on longer shots but not if it’s held off and to release it I think it’s all in the index finger knuckle applying force on the shaft

  7. JustJames says:

    Great explanation Shawn. Can I ask, where do you feel the Pressure points are for the Lead Hand?

  8. John Price says:

    I like your instructions on the grip – trigger finger. I will go straight to the range in the morning and give it a go.
    Thank you!

  9. Eric Webster says:

    Curious about one thing…On finesse wedge shots where the goal is consistent yardages and no need for power…where the distance is controlled only by length of backswing and consistent tempo would you suggest moving that finger back against the other fingers to avoid this slingshot affect? That would be my inclination. Thanks in advance and as always a great video!

  10. Brogers says:

    Just started gold this year for the first time, noticed my wrist/tendons in my hands are sore as hell! does it take a while for them to build up so your able to swing without pain?

  11. Have been revisiting your amazing grip videos. So much wisdom. I’ve also been using the swing impact trainer to practice indoors. One thing I noticed was that I was keeping my right hand trigger finger loose on the grip. As a result, it was really hard to increase my swing speed. But after going back to the grip videos (“knife the grip, clementine) I realized the mistake. Now when I throw to the picture, the trigger finger grips tight at the top of backswing and on the downswing. The result is a much faster speed. I notice that the release happens without thinking.

  12. I've been teaching this for 40 years. Strongest part of the transition is the right index finger at the top of the swing!!!

  13. KINGEYE CHOI says:

    Thank you for posting great tips!!

  14. eddie brown says:

    This works, I did gain some distance……..except I started pulling shots bad. If you already play pretty good it will encourage a pull hook.

  15. J.J says:

    I don’t use driver only 3 wood tried this the other day and smoked my tee shot at least 30 metres longer, had hybrid into 523m par 5. Thanks mate has changed my game completely

  16. Matt B. says:

    Looking ripped dude, contrast 6 years ago! Keep up the good instruction. Cheers.

  17. Cody Hadaway says:

    Great job explaining this, really makes sense.

  18. xNIKEGOLFx says:

    Best thing this helped with me is my over draw…it definitely helps get the face more square at impact! Thank you

  19. Thank u for the video Shawn, quick question…I’m a righty, I have a strong grip. Is it ok to squeeze “just a tad” the grip with the right hand “index finger and thumb” when I address the ball. I feel like I can strike the ball much better. I get the feel “hammer the nail” on my downswing. Your thoughts please!? Thank you!!

  20. Ryan Miller says:

    Hi Shawn, I have an issue with casting the club (likely to square club face at impact) and notice that I use the force of this trigger finger to cast. If I remove the finger (a la Ben Hogan) I find that my casting is greatly reduced and I can swing the club through the ball rather than force it into it with the trigger finger more. Can you explain how to use this finger correctly without introducing cast?

  21. Gordon T. says:

    Thanks for this Shawn. It appears that the other three fingers of the trail hand also apply pressure to the grip. Is that correct?

  22. Cheers Shawn, I'm currently making major adjustments to my grip. I use a short overlap of pinky riding ontop and have found that due to my unique hand and finger size that even with the long thumb of the left hand, unless I really grip my left hand at a 10 I'm still getting some gap beneath my left rear thumb and the golf grip. I'm assuming I should get fitted for new grips that better suit my hands and finger shape?

  23. NeedaBoom says:

    What are you thoughts on a 10 finger grip. It pretty much has the exact hand/finger placement with a much more comfortable feel. I find the key thing is making sure that the two hands don't get separated. Love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

  24. Jeffreywj777 says:

    Great video as always Shawn, thanks. Have you ever addressed the issue of the short or long thumb on the lead hand grip? A controversial topic on many golf forums for sure. If I am seeing your video correctly, you appear to be using what many would call a long thumb. However, I did not hear you state specifically if you are using a long or short thumb.

  25. KING SHARK says:

    👍, just switched to a overlap from a interlocking grip, and I'm feeling these principles you talk of a lot more.

  26. Bill Weiss says:

    Haven't watched this one yet – but I LOVE the title!!

  27. Tiny Jungle says:

    So when I try applying pressure against a doorframe I don't get that springy feeling in my forearm. I get more of a pain/pinching feeling in my right wrist under my pinky.

  28. Dale Wilson says:

    Elbow leads the forearm. Does that mean that your primary source of power right-handed is the right forearm?

  29. makes me check my grip before every swing thanks. do you have a video about how separated the chin should be, should the body freely rotate below it, or is it okay if my shoulder touches my chin on the backswing?

  30. Hello Shawn. I have religiously watched your videos for years now, and I must say you have produced some amazing content. Now just curious would I be able to use any other type of grip whether it be strong or weak or different finger placements to allow this swing style to work properly? Thank you again for always taking the time out of your day to improve others on their game. Keep up the great work!!!

  31. jimmehvideos says:

    Was just working on this today! That trigger separation gives you so much more compression power! Knife that grip, peeps! Thanks Shawn!

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