Playing With My New Irons! | Breakthrough Series

I Love you all

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49 Replies to “Playing With My New Irons! | Breakthrough Series”

  1. TheApexHound says:

    Nothing beats that early weekend tee time man, Respect to Maddie hahaha. Great content sir

  2. You ever think about nicknaming your car the shart mobile if you haven’t already?

  3. Tonooch says:

    Progress, a ride or die, back on the mend, 1 over through 6…. LIFE IS GOOD! 🙏

  4. Quick says:

    Brooks are literally the most comfortable shoe made

  5. I'm making you a SAMMICH!!!

  6. im no golf pro but it seems that follow thru your trying seems to lead to a swippy strike. love the video good energy as always

  7. RcubeGolf says:

    I guess the second hole was a par 5. That was 6 strokes and he called it bogey

  8. Don't try to manipulate the club face so much and just let it happen, unless you really need to move it. The pitching action looks good, just dial in those distances and you'll be the winner. What did Cam say about practicing 50 to 90 yard shots?

  9. Technically you can’t lose against yourself… so you don’t have to get a kitten … Maddison forgot about the technicalities in golf 😂 ( don’t tell her Matt, you may need it in the future )

  10. Bluetoughguy says:

    When you tell yourself ahead of time "I'm really bad at these shots", this is usually the time when you will end up hitting it bad. Gotta keep those negative mindsets out while you're out. This is something I work on all the time. I literally said just before I hit a ball yesterday "As long as I don't centerpunch this tree, I'll be happy" OF COURSE I CENTER PUNCHED THE DAMN TREE!!!

  11. 6:49 No. That's not true, unless your wedge game is atrocious. The saying is that "your worst putt is better than your WORST chip." Which is very true because of your ability to make contact.

  12. Austin Lee says:

    That first putt literally rolled over the what? lol Love it

  13. Gabe Moreira says:

    Maddie is so funny! Shes going to be a great actress.

  14. Omg, these two were made for each other.

  15. LE GEND says:

    Marriage is tough. So is golf. Looks like the club is swinging you and you’re not swinging the club. A lot of steer in that swing. Maybe your back isn’t letting you swing properly 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Most honest guy on YouTube?

  17. MR Thegreat says:

    one spicy taco there….always fun…

  18. Noah Fogel says:

    Maddie is goated FRFR

  19. endertao says:

    I think Maddie wants a cat ngl

  20. 😂 she a keeper matt

  21. Dan Story says:

    Now I just HAVE to know what your cat looks like.
    Thanks, Maddie.

  22. Something something golf, but that Lego room looks great! The angle of the falcon looks killer on the stand.

  23. Bonjour Matt ! I've been following you since you play with "Good Good" ; you used to swing more freely ; that's my feeling of it when I look at your swing. I'm not a great specialist of golf anyway I'm a sports coach who loves every sports and of course, one of my favorite is golf ; I'm trying to understand golf for my own purpose and one day, I've found this guy : ; I think his advices might help you !!! One of them is this one (or something that seems like) : "The human brain is not good at locating our limbs and gestures in space in fixed positions; on the other hand, our brain is super good at imagining, feeling and remembering a gesture especially when it is associated with a goal". In any sport, the gesture is not only a series of positions, it is also and above all a feeling of the movement. And in addition, for ball sports, this movement or gesture is associated with a goal. By focusing too much on your hand positions, you forget the essential. Just like Will Smith says to Matt Damon in the legend of Bagger Vance, that swing, "that movement, you have it in you. It's just up to you to find it." He's not just saying this to the "former champion," he's also saying this to the person who doesn't listen to their unconscious, their instincts, what they are, will be, have been. Trust yourself and you will free your gesture to your goal, always! Have a nive day and my greetings to Madame !

  24. Tyler Luis says:

    gamer room go hard

  25. Jeremy D. says:

    The chapstick goes ON your lips, not the area around your mouth Matt 🤣

  26. Disliked for no cat pic

  27. Can you do a What’s in the Bag soon? Interested in what your clubs are with the shafts too.

  28. P4ddyC4ke says:

    Just started the video… "If I'm playing good, I get to finish the 9, If not I've got to cut it off at 6." *Looks at 17:57 length video… Uh Oh, not looking good… Let's see what happens.

  29. Mike Cunha says:

    U2 r hilarious, good playing Matt. All this time I thought Collin was the only one with a Tesla? Also we need more maddie on the course..

  30. ricky wiebe says:

    Matt is terrible, only way he gets views is putting his wife on screen… pathetic.. riding Garret's coattails..

  31. Love that Maddie just enjoys good contact hopefully the back starts to feel better. At the end of the day if you’re confident in your short game it’ll eliminate the need to hit a perfect shot which might just unlock the game completely. Hit ball find ball hit ball again it’s an easy game.

  32. civictech1 says:

    Maddie is the best. Her humor is on point

  33. Erik Swanson says:

    Always love Madison giving you a hard time! Keep grinding!

  34. Vorenus 2016 says:

    Son and I did the Falcon at Christmas. Was/IS awesome. Display is a….challenge.

  35. VINCE ALBA says:

    do you all still have the trackman?? Using that in this series would be a good use of it.

  36. Ok we love Maddie😭😭😭❤️

  37. Jake R says:

    These two match each other’s energy so well, makes for some brilliant content 😂

  38. Rob S says:

    If you haven't, check out Practical Golf by Jon Sherman. Lots of strokes you can shave just via course management and eye opening stats.

  39. Rob S says:

    What a room!

  40. why must Maddie be so funny lol

  41. Micah says:

    Matt you need to Practice on the Inbetweeners . Make sure you have an Idea where youre Low Point is when Chipping. or Just Putt it LOL

  42. Ben Dubois says:

    Keep working at it I know it’s hard trying to change everything you’ve been doing for years good luck

  43. Luke Bogart says:

    Your new more upright, back-friendly less rotation and more arms swing is very very similar to the changes Tiger made in the 2000s with Haney when he played his actually statistically best golf. Haney got him standing taller, weakened his grip, and focused more on arm rotation for squaring the face up and making sure Tiger wasn't getting stuck from either A) his body rotation taking over and his hands falling behind or B) his club re-routing behind him too much.
    I see a lot of similarities in your good shots, and that era of Tiger swing. I think your best golf comes from a spot where you're a touch deeper and the club is pointing more left (laid off). You have a great strong arm release and wrist structure so from there, you can start the release of your arms (returning from that laid off, clockwise rotated arms in the backswing) a lot earlier and you begin the process of squaring the face much earlier when you start coming back down. You'll be able to take advantage of that gorgeous and super natural arm release you have, and create the right matchups to use it and to keep your more upright posture, whereas some other guys are more natural at squaring the club with body rotation (Morikawa or Niemann), but require lots of sidebend and flexibility.
    Rather than when you're less arm-rotated (club pointing down target line with your short backswing aka across the line), your club drops straight down, and then your face is more open later on, causing you to have to instinctively turn it over quickly late in your downswing, causing your hooks (if you're too early), and your blocks (if you're too late).
    Your iron shot at 12:20 is a great example of this, you can see how early your right palm is facing down towards the ground on your downswing coming into the ball (around that club parallel to the ground area), showing your arms are rotating and closing the face.
    Your long iron shots at 4:58 and 14:05 are good examples of you coming straight down and closing the face late, giving you that aggressive rushed sawed off finish from your hands releasing harder at the end to square the face up, and resulting in those blocks since it was too late.
    just some thoughts, apologies for the long ass comment lmaooo

  44. Boerie12 says:

    YouTube golf highlight of the week: “I’m making you A SANDWICH!”

  45. Kobe Pane says:

    U gotta turn your hips way more at the top

  46. Matt you got the major in pebble

  47. The humor from you and your wife is what takes the videos even one step higher. Love it!

  48. Ross Lillebo says:

    Might need the boys at Callaway to give you an another wedge fitting. Wrong grind could easily be causing/contributing to the fat shots and coming up short.

  49. Maddie is the best, man. You hit the jackpot with that one 😂 Could you taste the vexation in the egg sandwich?

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