P&O Arvia FULL Tour

Here’s the big one! We recently sailed onboard P&O Arvia around the Mediterranean for 2 weeks. It took me 2 1/2 hours to walk the whole ship filming as I walked; every indoor venue (restaurants / lounges / bars / spa / launderette etc) and every outdoor space (sky walk, golf course, pools, sky dome, prom deck, outdoor bars etc). Come with me as I walk Arvia deck by deck starting on deck 19 all the way down to 3 with facts, tips and sarcastic commentary. Let’s spend the next 51 minutes together ❤️

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20 Replies to “P&O Arvia FULL Tour”

  1. N D says:

    Fantastic ship tour. Really top deck.
    I'm going to be hearing that music loop in my dreams for weeks though

  2. Daniel Maher says:

    Be interesting to see how she compares with the titanic size wise

  3. Daniel Maher says:

    I will watch this every day until I go on it in 2025 and I bet I still get lost

  4. Julie Wright says:

    Hhhmmmm people with their feet up on the chairs in Anderson’s Bar?? Ruuddee.

  5. vince ryan says:

    Arvia v Iona… which you think is best?

  6. Superb video, as always. Crows nest with a cocktail 🍸 soon I hope …..😊

  7. nigel Greer says:

    Thank you Jamie for another brilliant full tour. We are on Arvia in July so this has come in really handy and even though we’ve been on Iona there are a few new spots to explore with my camera 📸 thanks again (Jesus ?)

  8. Newsgirl 100 says:

    Excellent, Jamie, thanks. I particularly like your restaurant reviews. Looking forward to our family holiday on Arvia.

  9. Joyce Smith says:

    Jamie, random question but can you download games and WhatsApp video call with the WiFi package. Loved the vlog.

  10. Fab vlog, am really enjoying your tours. 🙂❤️

  11. Tina Webber says:

    This was amazing 😻 funny informative and a fair few steps taken to complete this…. Loved the special guest appearance of Maffoo 😊

  12. Thanks for showing the accessible lift to D19. It's good to know exactly what we'll be looking for.

  13. Wasted Space says:

    We're booked on her for March next year in the Caribbean. I'm completely hyped for it.

  14. Slight correction – 3 cinema screens not 4 (4 on Iona, 3 on Arvia)

  15. Barry Finch says:

    Excellent vlog Jamie thank you we are on rhe Arvia in June. I know you said price changes in Epicurean but is it in the £30 region ? Do they still do chargeable Afternoon tea in Epicurean because i know the free one in main dining room has been stopped ?

  16. Claire D says:

    Another amazing video. It must have taken ages to get all that footage!

  17. Enjoyed the video – thank you. What time of day did you film, seemed to be no sun bed issues 😂😂

  18. Thanks for another brilliant ship tour Jamie 🤩 You must have got quite a few steps in on this one!

    Arvia looks absolutely stunning, with some great additions to her sister ship Iona. What would you say is your favourite addition on Arvia?

  19. Emma Cruises says:

    Love a potter!! Thanks for this video. 😎👏🏼

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