Possibly the BEST golf ball for chipping?!

Possibly the BEST golf ball for chipping?! Is this the best golf ball ever for creating spin on your chipping shots?? I use this golf ball for spin and more accuracy in my chipping shots! A lot of golfers within golf lessons use this ball for chipping whilst using simple golf tips. For me this is possibly the BEST golf ball for chipping!!

In this video Alex Elliott PGA golf professional is at the golf course of Mottram Hall, this golf course is in cheshire. This is an honest golf ball review! This golf ball review is talking all about chipping and which golf ball you should use to create the most spin on your chip shots!!

Is this the best golf ball in the market, is this the best golf ball for chipping, the golf balls used in this video include Srixon Distance, the Callaway Warbird, Slanszenger, Prov 1, Wilson staff soft and Mizuno.

What golf ball do you use? Let Alex Elliott Golf know in the comments section!! Which golf ball will come out on top of the Is this the best golf ball in the market, is this the best golf ball for chipping, the golf balls used in this video include Srixon Distance, the Callaway Warbird, Slanszenger, Prov 1, Wilson staff soft and Mizuno.

PGA golf professional Alex Elliott will cover swing thoughts that you need out on the golf course!

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25 Replies to “Possibly the BEST golf ball for chipping?!”

  1. Hello everyone, let’s hear what golf ball you are using? I’m using the PROV1 at the minute what is your go to golf ball?

  2. I use Bridgestone tour b rxs. I’m about 1/2 club shorter using these balls vs Taylormade tour response, but it’s well worth it.

  3. Alan Evans says:

    I use the Pro V1 typically, but tend toward using the Srixon Distance on holes with hazards. If I’m going to lose a ball, I prefer losing the less expensive one.

  4. Sundip Patel says:

    I use whatever I find out on the course (i.e., water/woods/deep rough)…but just did some research today (coincidentally) on what ball is best for me…i took out what I had (an assortment of balls), sorted them, and did some chipping with them….preference is now for a soft ball….i liked the feel of the Callaway chrome soft and super soft, Titleist ProV1 and ProV1X, Tour Velocity, and Nitro Ultimate Distance and a Srixon (soft, but don't remember which one)…so need to go try them out on the course

  5. James M says:

    Alex, Definitely would love to year your thoughts on the Vice Pro Plus.

  6. john laroche says:

    Alex, I really like the Kirkland ball from Costco. I really love the fell when hit.

  7. Annony Mouse says:

    Why does he not just hit the ball, too much talking

  8. Sean Quinn says:

    Hi Alex, i use Mizuno – really like the ball definitely more spin etc

  9. Pat Connell says:

    Was trying to to go back to the video on putting where you talked about less take away and more follow thru. Possibly you can expand a tad on this thought.

  10. Matt S says:

    Tried plenty of premium balls, but keep going back to pro v1. Just seem more consistent for me. Don't know what it is. Only buy 2nd hand though 👍

  11. Glenn Palmer says:

    I have been using Dunlop DDH soft touch, im happy with it

  12. Owen Frost says:

    Callaway supersoft for.me but might invest that bit more in callaway chromesoft after watching this 👍👌

  13. John Cooper says:

    Next ball I am going to try is the Inesis 900 tour.

  14. Curtis Rey says:

    ProV1 and Snell MTB Black my favourites, but came across a Taylormade RBZ Soft and omg, I love it!

  15. Alex again slow down ! I mean that in a nice way , if you slow down the speech gives time for people to process, ps I love your vids !

  16. I like the callaway warbirds. But picking a ball according to taylormade. It should be the taylormade tour response. But that's probably cause I used their website

  17. I use any ball I can find on the course because players are to lazy to go looking for !

  18. What club did you use ?

  19. Jeff Simon says:

    I played the Mizuno RB Tour and the Tour X and preferred the Tour for about a year. They both were really soft and neither performed well in the wind. I liked the flight of the Tour with my irons so stuck with that. Trouble is the cover on both cuts very easily.

    I switched this year to Snell mtx b this year and it's fantastic!

  20. Steve S says:

    Playing the avx or the snell mtb-x right now. I'm looking at switching to the mg c4 though

  21. Bridgestone Tour BXS. Scuffs up more than ProV1 but the feel round the green is wow. And it’s cheaper ! Usually £34.99 a doz

  22. Anthony says:

    Callaway Chrome soft

  23. wait4it says:

    I'm looking for a new ball just played two rounds with the tm tour response now just got a box of titleist trufeel. I played with distance balls and got used to the roll out but now I want to get a bit more aggressive.

  24. Wira Rifqy says:

    I'm a 12 handicap, and I'm using Bridgestone tour B X, bought it for about a dozen a month, if i lose it all, i look for any used ball i found

  25. Beryl Wright says:

    Interesting video

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