The Airgun Show – Long range rabbit action

On this week’s episode of The Airgun Show, Mark Ripley is out on a rabbiting mission. Armed with the Brocock Delta Wolf and Pulsar Merger binoculars, Mark has the perfect setup to make some long range precision shots and reduce rabbit numbers.




25 Replies to “The Airgun Show – Long range rabbit action”

  1. MrNewtonian says:

    I take it all back, sub 12, well done Mark.

  2. David Martin says:

    Good editing..👍

  3. Mark Tucker says:

    Curious as to which 177 pellets you were using? I have a Daystate Regal 177 12ftlbs so would be interested to know. Thanks

  4. jamo78s3 says:

    Nice shooting MR rips

  5. Al Bo says:


  6. Ron Knox says:

    Fantastic shooting again 👏. Do you gut, skin, cook, and eat the rabbits??.

  7. Johnnywoo says:

    Good shooting Mark. Just shows the capability of a sub 12 in the right hands, it’s not always power it’s shot placement that really counts. Good stuff 👍

  8. Great shooting enjoyed it

  9. john mcphee says:

    excellent shooting. one day i will get a permission with lots of rabbits on it.

  10. Dont be mean kill em clean !

  11. Fantastic efforts mark. Brilliant shooting as usual 😁👍❤️🇬🇧👌

  12. SUGS 1 says:

    That Daystate is a super bit of kit…👍

  13. Steve L says:

    Just a quote from the BASC website….. You should never attempt to shoot a rabbit that’s more than 35 metres away, and always with a head shot that will kill cleanly. I would advocate that this is pretty sound advice from BASC but then again I'm not trying to promote the sale or sponsorship of hunting hardware..

  14. Absolutely brilliant long range shooting Mark. 👍👍👍

  15. Great shooting, those bunnies never saw it coming

  16. rolexr says:

    For me it´s cool that you´re also a lefthand shooter! Great that the Delta Wolf is suitable for us!

  17. AC Rizwandi says:

    How about the weight for the pellet ?

  18. Great shooting Mark love the videos

  19. Target 10 says:

    Try zipping your boots up, so scruffy mate !

  20. Nice job mate. Cracking set up too. 👍🏼

  21. LGVX9900ENV says:

    Do you eat the rabbits or are they flea infested at this time of year? They look like good eating.

  22. Hermano tenéis más equipo que depredador y todavía se van los conejos ala fauna se le da oportunidad sabe

  23. We have Eastern Cottontails here. One of my favorite meats. Anyone know if these rabbits taste different?

  24. Nice shooting and great video Mark.

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