Powerlifting Vs Bodybuilding, Machines Vs Free Weights, Program Hopping & More with @KarelSaquing

Karels YouTube: @KarelSaquing
Work with me:
00:00 Introduction
01:06 How to really individualise training
07:40 Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding differences and PL peaking
15:33 Arm wrestling
18:00 Mitigating injuries
22:29 Loose skin
27:35 Training partners
32:24 Faz’s all time top 11
33:55 Common intermediate mistakes
37:58 Machines vs free weights
41:15 Serious cat discussion @BasementBodybuilding
43:11 Program hopping
47:51 Bodyfat discussion
53:50 Lifting in your 40s and beware of BS
58:00 Deadlifts for strength & hypertrophy
1:03:33 Skills & qualifications for an Online Coach
1:09:00 YouTube channels we are subbed to
1:13:20 High rep, rep drop offs
1:18:49 Programming full body
1:22:38 Wrapping it up
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25 Replies to “Powerlifting Vs Bodybuilding, Machines Vs Free Weights, Program Hopping & More with @KarelSaquing”

  1. hn_drums says:

    I also love watching Jason Gallant. He's all about finding what works for an individual. I can tell you've been watching his stuff.

  2. Chrism says:

    I did not expect my comment to make it into a video thats awesome. I ended up discovering with some experimenting that biceps specifically for me when done above reps of 12 the lactic acid tends to make me fail more than the actual muscle does if that makes sense I could be entirely wrong tho. I did the same experiment with high rep body weight pullups and that also just had completely tanked my reps but in that case I just welcomed the challenge. Thank you for both for diving into my question and ironically like standstrength I do biceps at the beginning of my workouts before I do weighted dips haha

  3. MadChris8828 says:

    Whats annoying about bodyfat percentages as well is that if you eat a lot of food sometimes it doesnt matter how much you try your stomach looks pooched throughout the day😂

  4. MadChris8828 says:

    I had no idea loose skin could go away. Thats nice to know. Also sidenote, I've worked in with a guy who is a powerlifter, and i know its weird to hear for some people but despite me being more a bodybuilder we got along! 😂

  5. Josh Benware says:

    Ha! I so agree about torso limbs being a dumb split. No matter what, limbs will be hit every time, so overuse (elbow tendonitus, as mentioned) is going to most likely happen.

  6. The Goat Faz & Stand Strength 💪🏽Great podcast.thanks Guys!

  7. Yea water weight's a bitch. I lost 130ish lbs of fat over the years and I've got a bunch of loose skin. I can fluctuate up to 10lbs. I will tell this to all the ex-fatties: Get jacked. I got way more admiration from normies when I was 220-240lbs than I did at the bottom of a cut at 195lbs. See a proper bulk through, and move some heavy iron. You lost years to obesity, don't let it get in the way of your goals any longer.

  8. Thank you Men for your answer on when to cut. I bulked 18 lbs over 8 months from 165 to 183 gaining lots of size and strength but started to feel a little sloppy. I felt it may be time to cut but it’s always good getting a few opinions because bulking is new to me I’ve never weighed so much! Side note I’ve dropped almost 10 lbs to 174 and look great. Another 10 lbs and I’ll bulk for a yearly this time but probably only 1 lb a month.

  9. JD's Life says:

    Hello sir I saw a video of yours in which your wrist size is 6.25in sir I want to know at what age you had this wrist size and is your wrist size still the same or has it grown because I also have the same wrist size and I am 25 can I make a good body and forearms with the right workout or diet plan Love from India 🇮🇳

  10. Many thanks both for answering my question about loose skin.
    It took some time, but I have learned to live with it and managed to do a photoshoot a couple of years ago, I was just intrigued to hear the experts thoughts on it.

  11. Natural Galante is wonderful ✨️ very entertaining

  12. PeckyBoi says:

    Sorry love an hour and a half Faz video just dropped.. plans have changed

  13. Ben Mitchell says:

    The synchronized "hey folks" was the wholesome content I needed today

  14. One of my neighbors’ cat keeps shitting in my garden so yeah… I’m a dog guy

  15. Paul Stowell says:

    That’s for the thoughts Faz. Forgot I asked this so was a pleasant surprise! Always interesting hearing your takes on things and your reasoning for them 👍

  16. Karel hinted to me that this was coming so super stoked for this! Also, I was the guy following the stupid routine with elbow tendonitis. Faz gave me great advice but I was too big of an idiot to accept it 🤯

  17. Stein M says:

    This wil be fun 😀

  18. Davichiz says:

    To the dude asking about water weight and loose skin. I also retain loads of water during bulks or any sort of surplus eating (also have loose skin). It makes bulking a little sus sometimes but that's just a card we've been dealt. I'm glad Faz mentioned it'll eventually go, even if it seems to take multiple years to correct.

    When I want to know my actual weight I usually just fast for a day and my weights back down for that morning. It can be real scary though going up 5kg in your first month of a bulk. Just know theres a couple of us who have the same situation going and it can be disheartening at times.

    as a side note everyone should own a cat, fight me on it. extra points if it's a Mainecoon.

  19. Dorian diesel yates. Talk about an optimal cat name my god.

  20. JuliusCaesar says:

    This will be a good one

  21. megasss says:

    can you invite JasonBlahhha to the podcast?

  22. Ianis Dociu says:

    oh yes right on time faz,thank you❤

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