PUREST Golf Shot Ever Heard (SOUND UP)


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24 Replies to “PUREST Golf Shot Ever Heard (SOUND UP)”

  1. SagutoGolf says:

    ►FREE – Discover the Top 3 Things You Need to to Be a Great Ball Striker – https://go.saguto.golf/

    ►Play the best golf of your life with my online golf school – https://saguto.golf

    ►AWESOME STUFF I USE/WEAR – visit: https://saguto.golf/p/store

  2. Smoooooooth 💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

  3. Love the tips and ADDED sound effects😂

  4. Hey Tom. Used to shoot between 85 and 95. Using your methodology I now shoot between 105 and 120. My friends have asked me what has happened to me. 😢😢😢

  5. Choke down on it Dummy

  6. Kev says:

    Clubhead is quite high… Are you "slotting" here?

  7. Trey Burnett says:

    Idk what's better the smack sound or the effortless feeling when it's flushed.

  8. Robin Owens says:

    After buying your school 3 times. Then seeing this I think I need more of the hands on approach.

  9. Tom, I'm about a 20-25 hdcp golfer. I had been hitting my driver so badly with a slice that I never hit it. I hit my irons straighter, but scooped the ball and was inconsistent and couldn't figure out why. I watched so many YouTube videos trying to figure it out. And never improved. Then I found your channel. I went to the range and concentrated on keeping 55-60% of my weight on my left side while not swaying and keeping my left arm locked (it bent horribly when I took a full long backswing). I wound up shortening my backswing and all of a sudden my driver went from a horrific slice to a baby fade which is manageable until I can work on it further, and my irons go 10-15 yards further because I'm compressing the ball instead of scooping it. I've watched about 20 of your videos this week alone. Your humor and K.I.S.S. method of instruction is enlightening. I'm thankful I found your channel.

    – Elliot

  10. Hell yeah! Love the glasses!

  11. Crispy KFC with tons of butter ❤❤❤

  12. FaqUrNwoBS says:


  13. phigri1616 says:

    Exactly the way I imagine myself doing it…reality is a bit different. 😂

  14. Can’t stop watching…please send help!

  15. Mike C says:

    When my wife said she was going to visit her sister for a week , said to myself "best thing I've ever heard" . But Tom I'd have to say you beat that by leaps and bounds!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jason says:

    What is that? Velvet?

  17. Alex Martin says:

    I smell crispy fried chicken

  18. Dmkfactor says:

    Man those PXGs sound fantastic!

  19. Ken Rhodes says:

    What a Beautiful Sound just love it.

  20. Alex Dixon says:

    Ive watched this 500 times already and i think ive learnt my backswing club path is too narrow/high, thanks ! Time to practise

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