New Scotty Cameron Putter… I CANT MISS!

Today we are back with another episode of the playing gold every single day until I shoot under series!!


24 Replies to “New Scotty Cameron Putter… I CANT MISS!”


  2. JuicyJoey says:

    If you have Patrick Mahomes and Travis kelce you win in fantasy

  3. 11:02 finally more Justin! More commentary from Justin please!

  4. Vibes says:

    Draft Run CMC!! Can’t go wrong man!

  5. Endzone4six says:

    Justin Jefferson pick at 1st overall. You will not be disappointed

  6. Tyler Strine says:

    Your new putter is sweet. You should definitely take cmc or Justin Jefferson

  7. CMoney1445 says:

    Justin Jefferson or Maybe CMC depends on the type of league if it’s ppr

  8. Isaiah Roach says:

    More wrist less arm movement on short chips trust

  9. faresfv says:

    170k 🎉🎉🎉❤

  10. Brett Baker says:

    Loving this channel more and more each video. Keep it up bro can’t wait for the fantasy draft league for this channel in madden!!!!!

  11. R2D says:

    Justin Jefferson first overall cmc second

  12. Zoggy says:

    Chase WR

    Personally Ekeler or Bijan RB

  13. R6 Speed says:

    You should post both of your game together! Or does Justin have his in channel we can also watch?

  14. Jay W says:


  15. drewthrewgoo says:

    Justin Jefferson 1.01

  16. Justin Jefferson first pick. Or cmc

  17. Hey swing looking better keep up the good work!
    Ive been watching you for over 4 years. I'm from your TDBarret Football channel. Ps where is the Madden Xbox Codes? Lol i definitely cant wait to watch you play Madden 24 🎉

    Also #Apples 😂

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