Putting Tips

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  1. Hinxy says:

    Man just took @ClubfaceUK’s video

  2. What if the area where you putt from is on more of a slope than the area around the hole? I can’t see this being reliable at all.

  3. Looks like you hit it way right of the line

  4. Ugly Golf says:

    You should also use the balance point on the putter shaft as the point over the golf ball and you also need to find out the straight line of your putter, meaning toe hang putter will be different to face balanced putters. Use the door frame in your home, hang the putter as instructed in this video and turn it until the lines match with the door frame. Face balanced putters should be straight if you point the face at the door frame. I use this technique to great effect. ⛳️☄️🏌️‍♂️

  5. Rickie4 says:

    So I'm left eye dominant what I hold the putter shaft on the left side of the ball

  6. If you look very closely, he wasn’t aiming at the point he placed. He aimed to the right of the mark.

  7. basti vargas says:

    I only see amateurs using the putter to spin themselves. You don’t see this at PGA level

  8. Brent McCann says:

    This is far too confusing. Why complicate it for people?

  9. Bonn Junior says:

    After one full rotation of the earth …..putt

  10. SeeMeTrollin says:

    Great…now the 6hr round at the local public course will take 7hrs because 15+ handicappers aren't slow enough..🤦‍♂️

  11. carlos gomez says:

    ive tryed it and it doesnt work… i can never see the hole even if it has a break

  12. I generally just go with the “just tap it in” exercise.. never fails.

  13. Plumb bobbing doesn’t work. Use aimpoint, much more accurate for determining break.

  14. PCD says:

    Step 15: Hit the ball at the right speed and angle and Make The Putt
    Me: OK sooo I have at least 3 questions….

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