Backswing Basics – one hand golf swing

This golf swing basic lesson can help beginner golfers and seasoned players alike.


5 Replies to “Backswing Basics – one hand golf swing”

  1. Adam Cottle says:

    I need to do this before every shot. It's magic.

  2. Jacob Ayala says:

    “Your welcome” 😂 gets me every time

  3. Logan says:

    Just watched multiple videos about keeping that elbow bent and in so here I am like “🤔”

  4. superafro12 says:

    People sometimes talks about staying connected, keeping your right arm close to your body. One way to practice this would to have a towel between your arm and body and make sure it stays there through the hole swing. With what your showing now there's now way a towel would stay there. What is correct? Cus I'm having a really hard time "staying connected" while having the width in my swing

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