Quarterback Preview! Rankings, Best Strategy, Tiers, Draft Prep Guide | 2023 Fantasy Football Advice

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With 2022 being such a dreadful season for quarterbacks, is our draft strategy going to change this season? The guys discuss how aggressive they’ll be in getting a stud QB (1:10) and when the first tier of QBs should be drafted (12:15). Should you draft Josh Allen or Rhamondre Stevenson, for example? Finally, how important is it to have a Top 8 QB (15:00)? … Quick news and notes (20:00) and then back to strategy. What do you do if you miss out on the Top 8 guys (22:10)? How should your strategy change in a 2-QB league (29:26)? A 4-point per passing TD league (33:40)? Then we’ve got sleepers, breakouts and busts at the QB position (34:33). Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence are headed for big seasons. Is Patrick Mahomes being drafted too early? What do we expect from Deshaun Watson? Fantasy managers should draft Tua and Anthony Richardson at their cost … A complete ADP review (47:35) with plenty of debates … Email us at fantasyfootball@cbsi.com

0:00 Intro

1:10 Are you going to be more aggressive?

12:15 When do you start taking tier one qbs

20:00 Injuries, News, and Notes

22:10 What to do if you miss out on tier 1 qbs

29:26 Two qb strategy

33:40 4-point per pass td

34:33 Sleeper QBs

38:48 Breakout QBs

44:12 Bust QBs

47:37 Ranking the top 3

49:00 Joe Burrow vs Lamar Jackson vs Justin Herbert vs Trevor Lawrence

59:10 Deshaun Watson

1:03:00 Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, Daniel Jones, Geno Smith, Aaron Rodgers

1:10:00 Jordan Love, Sam Howell, Brock Purdy, Matthew Stafford

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27 Replies to “Quarterback Preview! Rankings, Best Strategy, Tiers, Draft Prep Guide | 2023 Fantasy Football Advice”

  1. Mad Maxx🍊 says:

    Jamie’s gets so annoying always being the contrarian. He ALWAYS has to be right. It’s so lame. Nobody enjoys that guy in real life

  2. I love how Dave points out the coordinator change as a reason to believe in Herbet yet doesn't mention it in regards to Lamar. Lamar is going to shit up quite a bit of people this year and I'm here for it.

  3. If you don't get a top 7 qb – except Dak- rend your garment, wear sackcloth and pour ashes on you. Jaime knows what that means.

  4. I love Jaime, but he's totally insane to take Debonte Smith overHurts. Omg.. 😱

  5. Blauner says:

    What is with this narrative that Dak is having a terrible camp? This is the 3rd fantasy content creator I heard say this. One video of throwing an interception and it's terrible camp? All the reports at Oxnard said Dak is having a great camp and is looking in command. I hope Dak falls to me because of the misinformation being spread.

  6. edison says:

    I like how Jamey said you’ll get those qbs at the end of 2nd, beginning of 3rd. They just did a mock and mahomes was the 2nd pick!!!! Lol

  7. Raghu Sharma says:

    I said this two years ago and Dave responded to the comment at the time when praising Herbert was that he sucks in the red zone. The chargers are by far the most frustrating team when about to score a TD. Herbert can take you down the field but then he screws it in the red zone. Sure last year he didn’t have Allen and Williams for parts of the season but what was his excuse the year before. If ekeler replicates he will still crush Herbert.

    My biggest boom/bust are Herbert and Lamar because I find they are inconsistent throwers.

    I actually like Lawrence weapons but it’s an upside call for sure. Fields is the same, he’s a great runner but I don’t trust his throwing but it could be good.

    Of tier 2, only Burrows makes me feel confident (if healthy) because he has the best weapons. Any of these 5 could boom or bust but that’s literally any position in the NFL.

    Heck I had Allen as my QB two of the last 3 years and I lost in the finals in both years. Allen underperformed in the final week 2 years ago and last year was unfortunate because of the Hamlin incident which cost me an easy win

  8. Raghu Sharma says:

    Lamar has legit screwed me two years in a row. He’s a good runner but he’s a trash passer, he and Andrew’s were a stack for me last year and the first 3 weeks felt like bliss but they often go 3 and out, have terrible play calling and then have the best kicker in the nfl. They go run run pass a lot and Lamar just runs like Murray I’ve found where he’s a chicken with his head cut off. He doesn’t throw with any conviction either. Maybe it was a two year anomaly but I don’t trust him at all

  9. Love it when all four of you are there!❤❤❤❤

  10. Holy crap, finally a real, full episode (haha need to see all four of you together more often, this is the best)

  11. AndrewB says:

    I like Lawrence, go back and look at the ravens, cowboys, chargers & Chiefs games. Now he has a number 1 wr in the mix with Ridley along with a soft schedule.

  12. FD: As a Bears fan I can not stand Rodgers. He is such a #$@^&. However, in his defence, he was injured wasn't he? Doesn't he deserve some slack for that?

  13. Don't listen to major networks Dak has actually had a very good start to camp especially when you talk about deep balls and chemistry with guys like Cooks and Gallup and Tolbert

  14. The four horsemen of fantasy. Great to see the crew!

  15. Steve says:

    Danny dimes Blow it up Cruising through the NFC EastCause of coaching

  16. Steve says:

    Tannahill is a huge sleeper plus tennessee wins division

  17. S. Harris says:

    Why Lawrence so loved over tua?

  18. Seth Mann says:

    I'm in a 12-team, two-keeper non-ppr, where qbs get 5-pt. bonuses after 300 yds. and wrs, rbs and tes get 5-pt. bonuses after 100 yds. Definitely keeping Kupp, assuming he's healthy. Should I go Hurts, Higgins or Rhamondre for the second keeper?

  19. I think the question is, if people keep taking QBs earlier than they should go and I keep getting value I like because of that…how late should I go until I just grab a QB to fill that spot…assuming no QBs present good value to me?

  20. Pops Goode says:

    Thanks guys! Today I learned when you experts grab Dak to immediately get the 49er Defense

  21. Pops Goode says:

    CJ Stroud has an IQ in the 60s. That’s scary

  22. Pops Goode says:

    I hate the Patriots but could you image D. Cook in a Bellichek offense

  23. Pops Goode says:

    Howell is going to surprise you experts

  24. Pops Goode says:

    I’d take Ridder in the 15th round over that slot y’all have for Dak. The 49er defense is better than Dak!😮

  25. Pops Goode says:

    Round 10 for Dak

  26. Pops Goode says:

    What round for Dak?

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