Queen Mary 2 Ship Tour: Part 2 – Buffet, Tips & Secrets

In part 2 of 2 of our Queen Mary 2 ship tour, we’ll visit the King’s Court buffet and explore the food there, as well checking out the remaining decks of this classy, one-of-a-kind ocean liner. Afterwards we’ll give you our top tips and secrets for making the most out of your QM2 voyage, which constitutes as sort of a review for the ship. Be sure to watch part 1 of the tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1hyiib8Og8

0:18 Deck 7 (King’s Court Buffet food, Carinthia Lounge, Mareel Spa, Spa Menu, Fitness Centre, Promenade Deck, Observation Deck, Grills Lounge, Princess Grill, Queen’s Grill & Menus)

12:00 Deck 8 (Library, Book Shop, The Verandah Specialty Restaurant & Menu, Terrace Pool Deck, Sail-away party, Scenic Elevator)

16:27 Deck 9 (Commodore Club, Churchill’s Cigar Lounge, Boardroom, Concierge Lounge, Queen Mary 2 models)

18:05 Deck 11 (Atlantic Room, Deck 11 Observation Deck, Grills Terrace)

20:20 Deck 12 (Kennels, Boardwalk Café, Shuffleboard, Pavilion Pool & Bar, QM2 Digital Info Display)

23:30 Deck 13 (Sports Centre Golf Net, Mini Tennis Pickleball Court, Sun Deck, Helipad)

24:24 Deck 14 (The Lookout, QM2 Ceremonial Bell)

25:07 Queen Mary 2 Tips

28:12 Queen Mary 2 Things You Might Want to Know

Queen Mary 2 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKZWB-uCIzwSRWdbycX4XkRH4tNlRCfjC

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14 Replies to “Queen Mary 2 Ship Tour: Part 2 – Buffet, Tips & Secrets”

  1. jlawrence01 says:

    That looks like a fun cruise. My DW keeps talking about getting a … tuxedo. Great video, like usual.

  2. Bluebird2 says:

    The food look amazing- I’ll be at the sushi section every single day lol Thanks for this great video.

  3. Nice tour and great info. Thanks and take care.

  4. I wish we could take our chihuahua with us on our cruise. She doesn’t like strangers though.

  5. Salmon sashimi mmmmmmmmm! I would get so fat if I ate on a cruise ship all the time! I’m not skinny now.

  6. Yvonne H says:

    I can’t understand a word the pet area manager says with mask on

  7. Wonderful Video!!! Beautiful photography and great narration! Thank You so much for all your fantastic QM2 videos!! MikeW

  8. Full Creds to the people who make these fantastic clips. My cruise experience usually involves meeting fellow soaks and spend the days and nites in a constant haze right up to boot off day

  9. 👍👍🤝🇧🇷❤️👏

  10. Bobbi says:

    Thank you so much! I will be watching these 2 videos again before our Christmas cruise this year. I find your videos to be very pleasant to watch….no jarring music, for example. The little tips you gave at the end will be very helpful! Thank you again!!!!!!

  11. Amazing cruise ship.. Love it

  12. Paul Connors says:

    Yaaayyyyy! I get to leave the first comment AGAIN! Once again, I am glad to see your review of Cunard's services and food. Well done as always.

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