Avoiding Common Crashes: Motorcycle Training for Beginners – Moto Stars Review

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47 Replies to “Avoiding Common Crashes: Motorcycle Training for Beginners – Moto Stars Review”

  1. Phage UK says:

    I'm down for the mimosas as well

  2. Don Fisher says:

    CORRECTION: Actually Dan, at about 15:55 we have a sign that indicates there's 25 wiggly snakes ahead! (Probably came off a plane.) You smiled, so you know I'm right. PLAN your ride, expect anything – even snakes! Later on, at about 17:05, we have a crash, obviously due to wearing green socks, and 911 must be called – please! He should've been wearing heavy-duty green socks w/ armor protection for your ankles. And please remember what your Mom said – wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident! Wash them at least once a month, if not more. At 26:35 we have Dan (once again) talking about increasing your space cushion. Remember, the more space cushion, the less pushing.

  3. Joe Gott says:

    Wonder whats worse, a bicyclist hitting a walker or a car hitting a bicycle

  4. motorcycles have always been dangerous, cell phones tripled the danger

  5. muggins says:

    Guy on the blue dirt bike nearly ended a great night with a bullet in his bean bag

  6. "and your mom" ok you got the like

  7. I see a lot of videos here of people not wearing gear, i fell on my tiny 50 cc bike a couple of months ago, maybe 30 km/hour and that scraped my knee up because i was wearing just jeans, it was one of those early sunny days of the year, gravel still on the roads i just tried making a turn and the bike slipped, everything fine just hurt my knee and pride a bit, also just some scrapes on the plastics. Please wear gear

  8. John Nykiel says:

    I think a guy in the Chicago land area got killed trying to get a goose off the road.

  9. Die Alex says:

    Hey Dan, thank you for brainwashing me with "find an escape path". I've been watching your videos for over 2 years now. Today I almost crashed so bad. A car stopped completely last second without an indicator on a 100 km/h road because the driver wanted to turn left to a parking lot (couldn't see it early enough because of trees covering our sight). I had to break so hard, ABS kicked in like mad, I still wouldn't have come to a stop. This situation has never happened to me before, and still, I almost automatically didn't fixate the car, instead i fixated the escape path between the right side of the car and the shoulder, swerved into this tiny spot last second, and i made it! I think I watched your videos so often that "find an escape path" is stuck in my brain so deep, I didn't even have to think about finding it, I just did the exact one thing I could do and I'm so glad I didn't crash into that car. Still, I was shaking like mad afterwards πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for your content. You saved my bones haha!

  10. "Hi Solid Snake; how is liquid snake?" Effing brilliant!!!!

  11. Phill says:

    Those highway turnarounds are typically illegal to use except for emergency vehicles, at least where I live, for precisely that reason.

  12. ThatOneGuy says:

    Taco’s truck guy looks like he’s got a dog box or something in the bed as well. As a dog man myself i like him even more

  13. Don Parsons says:

    4.56 minutes,,, the sun was behind the biker,,, that might the reason the guy in the black truck didn't see the biker… naybe that is…

  14. Kevin Craig says:

    the fast lane going slow

  15. I cant join your discord . I have not done any of the things I have been accused of and then having my account disabled. I only tried to join just now and it was immediately suspended. You have lost another sub for accusing me for something I have never done on your channel.

  16. Knotdead says:

    The clip with the freigt. How many scenarios have We seen many ditch their bikes for less. Love is reaction and how he swerved the Freight's trailer and YES Kudo's to that F150 for moving off road to help the biker. LOVE IT

  17. 14:09 is the the "good guy with a gun" ive been hearing all about?
    Can't be trusted to ride a bike sensibly on the road, brilliant idea to let them have a gun.

  18. lee summers says:

    liquid snake. and your mum . made me chuckle

  19. TheParaxore says:

    Ironic how the guy who got in a bad accident previously and got triggered still had no gloves or jacket on… Like did you not get messed up enough the first time πŸ˜‚

  20. Hermalayan says:

    Dan. I finally put my bike down today. Bad hill on a driveway and the tiniest patch of gravel. I could hear your voice about how avoidable it wasπŸ˜‚no real damage aside from my pride

  21. p orth says:

    14:00 idiots riding illegally on a road in dark mode, wonder what's going to happen

  22. p orth says:

    8:03 stupid bicycle riders, they aren't allowed to filter in Australia, pretty sure they need to stay in the outside lane in most countries.

  23. Mount Lemon is the best ride this Florida Boy ever rode. Rented an Indian Vintage for a day while there for work.

  24. TJ Clarke says:

    The fellow in the pickup that moved over for the rider so he didn't hit that semi, man, I'd buy that guy lunch as a thank you, that was really cool, you don't see that often.

  25. Dahvia C says:

    The gun πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and the criminal speeding 🀣🀣🀣

  26. Does anyone else have trouble placing your phone on the quad lock??

  27. Dahvia C says:


  28. Get that checked buddy !

  29. Dan Williams says:

    Like you said war of gross tonnage, have seen where I got the bigger vehicle I am going to force my way in

  30. boatbyrd says:

    I love you, but sometimes your stiuff is too simple. I love understanding your lessons, but let those idiots go! πŸ˜‚

  31. Marcus NZ says:

    My usual conclusion when watching these videos is that many of these people ought not to have driving licences. In that I include many of the motorcycle riders.
    It also seems to me that a large proportion of them have little road/traffic experience and may well not have driven a car in their life – some of the choices are inexplicable to anyone who has.

  32. Can't believe he striked you. 19 subs and you're "stealing" his content. We wouldn't need it for education if he wasn't an idiot. Then comes here to harrass people commenting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. Baer says:

    average pidgeon moment

  34. Comment for algorithm.

  35. L sixty 30 says:

    Are we done yet? Can we finish, please??

  36. Calico Jack says:

    It may not be the best thing for car drivers to do, but they often (and I'm guilty of this on occasion too) start pulling out at an intersection (like the driver of the Jeep that triggered Mr I've Got You on Camera) without the intention of going all the way. I get it that we, as motorcycle riders, can get agitated because we don't know whether they are just going to pull out in front of us. But, at the same time, fucking chill, man. No harm, no foul. It's no reason to blow a head gasket and let it ruin your friggin day. People do this. The guy in the Jeep was a good 30 or 40 ft away from you man. Take a fucking chill pill dude.

  37. Billy Magada says:

    14:35 if dude is keeping a pistol in his pocket like an idiot, I wouldn't trust him on the road doing tricks either.

  38. Selynar says:

    Bet that guy was a vegan too

  39. When did the terms get confused? That is a cyclist, BIKERS ride motorcycles.

  40. Nah, that 4-wheeler is driving like an asshat.

  41. Absolutely. The idea is to "prevent the crash".

  42. 5:00 people need to stop revving as a way to alert, it takes up precious seconds and focus, if you can hit your horn quickly do it, if not focus your efforts on evasion 100%, if your revving, your not using your front break, which is approx 70% of your breaking power, at least it is on my big touring bike.

  43. AS says:

    Bird part whole 28:54 i'm crying right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  44. What’s the deal with that 520 guy??

  45. heff520 says:


  46. snorman1911 says:

    The bird πŸ˜‚

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